Pioneer HDJ-700 Professional DJ Headphones Black/Red

Pioneer HDJ-700 Professional DJ Headphones Black/Red
The Pioneer HDJ-700 Professional DJ Headphones deliver exceptional sound quality across the entire frequency range with emphasis on delivering clarity in the low-end which is made possible by their 40mm drivers. With added sound isolation external noise and distractions will not be an issue. Pioneer has ensured the HDJ-700s can withstand considerable wear and tear so theyre ideal for the club environment or at home.

The Pioneer HDJ-700 headphones have been inspired by Pioneers flagship range which boasts the rotational ear cup with rubber grip allowing for easy single-ear monitoring. The 40mm driver units with rare earth magnets guarantee a more powerful and clear bass sound. The thicker than usual diaphragm (19 micrometre) and copper-clad aluminium wire (CCAW) voice coil precisely replicates kicks and snares. Comfortable Sleek & Lightweight The HDJ-700 headphones come with two interchangeable side-mount cords a 1.2m coiled cord and a 1m straight cord. These lightweight headphones weigh only 220g so theyre easy to carry around with you. The connections are gold plated which include 3.5/6.3mm jacks and have a maximum input of 2000mW with a maximum output sound level of 105dB/mw and a frequency range of 5 Hz to 28000 Hz. Accurate Monitoring These headphones are optimised for dance music with narrow ear pads and 40mm driver units with rare earth magnets providing clarity and power to the low-end frequencies. A 19 µm diaphragm and copper-clad aluminium wire voice coil accurately reproduce kicks and snares. Solid & Durable Build With their rigid and stainless steel headband these headphones will endure the rigours of frequent use. They also have two interchangeable side-mount cords to prolong their lifespan. 60-Degree Rotating Arm The HDJ-700s right earpiece can be rotated by up to 60 degrees for versatility and easy one-ear monitoring while the grip allows you to quickly put the cup back into its original position. Available in a range of colours. Specifications Impedance: 45 ohms Output Sound Level: 105 dB/mW Frequency Range: 5 Hz – 28000 Hz Maximum Input Power: 2000 mW Driver Units: 40mm dome type Cord: 1.2m side moun coil cord (3m extended length) 1m straight cord Pioneer PA-DJ-and-Lighting 1D5T

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