Peavey Butcher Guitar Amplifier Head

Peavey Butcher Guitar Amplifier Head
American made globally played – the Peavey Butcher captures all of the soul and raw power that you would expect from a high gain American metal beast. Four EL34 power valves combine with five 12AX7 preamp valves to throw out 100 watts of uncompromising sound whilst the control panel offers endless possibilities to craft unique tones. A 12 way punch dial adjusts the low end attack of the amp allowing the player to match this head with any cab perfectly.

Craft Your Tone Whilst Peavey recommend pairing this monstrous head with either a Peavey 430A or 430B speaker cabinet the unique 12 way punch dial allows players to get the perfect match between this head and any cab. Each setting on the punch dial changes the low end attack of the amp meaning you can find a setting that truly gives the best sound through any cab. In addition each of the two channels have independent 3 band EQ controls along with a footswitch-able gain boost. Master Boost The master control section of the Peavey Butcher has two volume controls that can be engaged by the included footswitch. This gives the player a perfect boost setting. Set the first dial at the perfect volume for your performance and crank up volume two for a boost during solos and heavier numbers. Switch at will with your foot throughout the gig. Simple and effective. Direct Out for Studio or Stage The Butcher includes a Peavey MSDI output at the read. This microphone simulated direct interface allows you to plug the Butcher directly into a recording or mixing desk with an XLR cable. If you?re tired of setting up endless microphones and trying to find the sweet spot on your amp simply plug in to a desk and enjoy a sensational recording or live tone! Features & Specifications Made in the USA 4xEL34 100W power section & 5x12AX7 preamp tubes Clean and Crunch Channels Separate three band EQ on each channel Global presence control Two Master Volume controls for additional boost capabilities 12-way punch control on channel 2 controls low end attack Pre-Gain boost switch on both channels Active effects loop with send and return level Impedance selector Half Power switch MIDI control capability Included footswitch controls channel boosts loop and master volume switching Built in MSDI? microphone simulated direct XLR output Weight Unpacked: 54.25 lb(24.608 kg) Weight Packed: 58.20 lb(26.399 kg) Width Packed: 13.25″(33.655 cm) Height Packed: 28.75″(73.025 cm) Depth Packed: 14″(35.56 cm) Peavey Guitar-and-Bass T94

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