Pearl Virgil Donati Signature Snare Drum

Pearl Virgil Donati Signature Snare Drum
Virgil has pushed the barriers of playing drums with his innovative use of the instrument incredibly intricate complex rhythms creative phrasing and extreme speed. Naturally he has taken great care to design a unique versatile snare drum. Virgils snare drum is as state-of-the-art as his playing.

The VG-1450 Virgil Donati Signature Snare Drum is inspired by the Reference Series and features an 8 ply 50/50 blended maple and birch shell with rounded bearing edge. In drum talk thicker is louder and the 8 plies on the Virgil Donati Signature Snare supplies plenty of loudness. Virgil wanted more so Pearl blended birch to the inner plies for added brightness and cut. The rounded top bearing edge supplies just the right amount of overtone control and allows the drum to be played wide open without muffling in many situations. The VG-1450 features Pearls Philharmonic snare bed that is totally flat within the width of the snares for ultimate snare response. Tube lugs die cast hoops and stunning Smoke Flake sparkle lacquer finish add the finishing touches to this outstanding snare drum. Specifications Model: VG1450 Size: 14″ x 5″ Shell: 8 ply (Outer: 4 ply Maple/ Inner: 4 ply Birch) Hoops: MasterCast Lugs: TB-50 Rods: 10 Tension Rods: SST-5042 Strainer: SR-017 Snares: S-022N Pearl Drums-and-Percussion EPU

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