Orange Tiny Terror Guitar Amp Head + PPC112 Cabinet Bundle

Orange Tiny Terror Guitar Amp Head + PPC112 Cabinet Bundle
This Orange Bundle matches the Tiny Terror Guitar Amp Head with the PPC112 Open Back Speaker Cab for a portable rig with attitude thats ready to use straight away with the two included cables and gigbags. If you love Orange Amps and youre looking for a versatile set-up with a range of tones this is the one for you!

Orange Tiny Terror Guitar Amp Head This all valve 15 watt portable guitar amp head features a unique two stage pre-amp which has a massive tonal range using just three controls. When driven this little amp has almost as much gain as most four stage lead channels! The Tiny Terror puts a lot of high-priced boutique amps to shame with its clean crunch to full on overdrive sounds. At mid gain settings this valve head has masses of vintage British character; the Tiny Terror has been built to the same rugged specification as the bigger Orange amps and its portability makes it perfect for gigging around town or rehearsing. The Tiny Terror switches from 15 to 7 watts for studio use and recording. This professional little amplifier is a record producers dream and comes complete with a padded travel gig bag. Orange PPC112 Closed Back 1 x 12 Cabinet This rugged guitar speaker cabinet from Orange features a 60W Celestion Vintage 30 Speaker for a full rich tone. The unique skid feet mean this cab is great for achieving that full tone definition on stage whilst the open back design gives a chimy tone with great presence. The PPC112 boasts extremely rugged construction combining 13 ply high density 18mm Baltic Birch plywood and Orange manufacturing techniques that result in amps and cabinets that are built to last. The PPC in PPC 112 stands for Power Projection Cabinet which is provided by a 60 Watt Celestion Vintage 30 Speaker. The open back design means your sound is opened up and can be well spread throughout the studio or live space. Oranges unique skid feet help acoustically couple this cabinet to the stage and provide a tight bass response and full range tone definition. This results in a laser-focused tone thats full of warm midrange. The orange covering and basket-weave grille cloth give this speaker cab the distinct Orange look whilst the comfortable flush handles make transportation easier. Features/Specifications: Orange Tiny Terror Guitar Amp Head Controls: Gain / Tone / Volume Features: 1.5 mm Zintec Chassis w/ Steel Vented Top Case. Padded Gig Bag. Output: 15 Watts Class A / 7 Watts Class A Valves: Preamp: 2 x 12AX7 Output: 2 x EL84 Speaker Output Options: 1 x16 ohm 1 x 8 ohm 2 x 16 ohm Dimensions: (W X H X D) 30x17x14cm 11x7x5.5in Weight: 7kg/15lb Orange PPC112 1 x 12 Closed Back Cabinet Construction: 13 ply 18 mm plywood Inputs: (2) 1/4″ Input Outputs: 120 watts RMS Speakers: 1 x Celestion Vintage 30 Impedance: 16 ohm Unboxed Dimensions: H (cm) 45 H (in) 17.72 W (cm) 55 W (in) 21.65 D (cm) 29 D (in) 11.42 Unboxed Weight: 14.75 KG 32.52 lb Orange Amps Guitar-and-Bass N86

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