Orange Crush CR120H Amp Head

Orange Crush CR120H Amp Head
This is one of Oranges no compromise Crush amplifiers but at the larger end of the scale this amp is ideal for band practice jam sessions and small to medium gigs. The CR120H is a 120 watt amp head delivering quality Orange tone at a great price.

One of the first solid state amps to be launched by Orange since the late 70s this amplifier follows the Orange philosophy of Simple is Better. The preamp in this model is based on the much respected Rockerverb range delivering warm and rich tonal characteristics using solid state technology. The CR120H contains a clean and dirty channel which are foot switchable. The clean channel uses two stages of gain which give a warm clean tone that begins to break when cranked up. The dirty channels four stages of gain give this Crush amp the overdriven sound guitarists want in an Orange amp. Their is also a new natural sound digital reverb that gives players the choice of spring plate or hall and a super transparent FX loop. With the same look as the Orange flagship models the CR120H is covered with Orange basket-weave Tolex with a woven speaker grille beading hieroglyphs and signature picture frame edging. Made from solid 18mm plywood the amp is solid rugged and durable. Features/Specifications Features: Two Channel Digital Reverb. Controls: Clean Channel: Volume Bass and Treble Dirty Channel: Volume Bass Middle Treble and Gain Global: Volume and Reverb Speaker Output Options: 2 x 16 Ohm (min 8 Ohm) Extension Cabinet Options: 1 x 16 Ohm Orange Amps Guitar-and-Bass QNX

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