Orange Amp Detonator Buffered AB-Y Switcher Pedal

Orange Amp Detonator Buffered AB-Y Switcher Pedal
The Orange Amp Detonator pedal is an easy high quality way to run two amplifiers. Having two amplifiers is a great way to achieve multiple tones but it?s often difficult to achieve a smooth switch between the two especially when gigging. The Amp Detonator makes it a simple easy process that is assured to work every time. It?s an active ABY switcher featuring two easy controls: a channel switch and a ?both? switch. There?s also a phase button for calibrating two amplifiers that may be out of sync with each other. The tri-colour LED is useful for easily telling which amp you?re running especially on dark stages. This low noise easy to use pedal puts your confidence back in amplifier switching.

Specifications Height: 6.5 cm Width: 9.5 cm Depth: 13 cm Pedal Type: AB-Y Switcher Power: 9V Battery or 9-12V DC Adapter Current Draw at 9V: 12MA Controls: A/B Switch Both Switch Phase Switch Orange Amps Guitar-and-Bass 1GFX

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