Orange 30 ft Instrument Cable Black Woven

Orange 30 ft Instrument Cable Black Woven
Constructed from ultra-high-conductivity copper and boasting gold-plated Neutrik connectors this 30ft Orange instrument cable is more than just a distinctive orange.

Plug in and get playing with this woven instrument Cable from Orange. Boasting 44 years as a manufacturer Orange presents these distinct instrument cables to match their recognisably coloured amplifiers. These cables are constructed from ultra-high-conductivity copper or Electrolytic Tough Pitch copper. 99.9 of oxygen in the metal is removed when making these. This provides this great conductivity along with low impedance and fantastic sound quality. The Neutrik connectors are gold-plated and the cable has a double jacket of woven Nylon over PVC for immense toughness. Orange Amps Guitar-and-Bass N7U

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