Odyssey OTR1250 Premiere D/Eb Trumpet

Odyssey OTR1250 Premiere D/Eb Trumpet
The Odyssey OTR1250 Trumpet in D or Eb is an orchestral players dream. Forget having to transpose hard music on to a Bb trumpet with this trumpet with capabilities to play in two different keys. With a lightweight case mouthpiece all at an affordable price its a must have for the orchestral trumpet player.

Suitable For Orchestras Gone are the days of worrying about having to transpose early classical music from D and Eb pitches to a standard Bb trumpet. With this affordable alternative to sight transposing the beginner and intermediate orchestral trumpet player can add another weapon to their arsenal. Peter Pollard Design The Odyssey Premiere range of instruments has been designed by master craftsman Peter Pollard and built to the highest standards of workmanship using superior quality materials to give you the best possible instrument. You can be assured that as much thought care emotion skill and detail as you apply to your music has gone in to the instruments Odyssey have created for you to enjoy. Professional Design All advancing performers require an instrument of a top calibre. This instrument is no exception with its grand rose bell and yellow brass body. A thumb hook and ring have been added to the instrument for low note tuning and to gain pin point accuracy with intonation. Everything You Need Complete with its own custom designed carry case and accessories each instrument is individually serial numbered providing peace of mind and traceability should you wish to insure your treasured instrument. The instrument also comes with a mouthpiece suitable for the instrument to make sure that it can be played straight out of the box. Features/Specifications Clear lacquered finish Rose brass bell and lead pipe Brass tuning slides Throwable main tuning slide Stainless steel valves Water key Mouthpiece 7C Included Bell diameter: 120mm/4.3/4″ Bore size: 11.30mm/0.445″ Zero-gravity ?backpack?hard foam case Odyssey Woodwind-Brass-Strings ZQD

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Odyssey OTR1250 Premiere D/Eb Trumpet

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