Novation Launch Control XL Software Controller

Novation Launch Control XL Software Controller
The Novation Launch Control XL is an Ableton Live controller that has been designed to be the perfect partner to the Launchpad. Both the LaunchPad and the Launch Control XL are exactly the same size and sit perfectly underneath your laptop or on your desk. Where the LaunchPad triggers the clips the Launch Control XL acts as a control surface and handles parameters like FX sends volume and pan. The Launch Control XL is bus powered and can work with Mac PC and iOS so you can easily connect and start controlling.

Launch Control XL is the ultimate mixer and device controller for Ableton Live. Immerse yourself in your music using eight 60mm faders and tweak your effects devices and plug-ins with 24 LED-enhanced knobs and 16 multi-colour performance buttons. Used in tandem with Launchpad Ss powerful 64 button grid Launch Control XL offers an unprecedented Live control experience. Whether youre triggering clips in the session view or playing drum racks with satisfying LED feedback; Launch Control XL aligns perfectly with Launchpad Ss peerless 8×8 surface. You can even combine multiple units for some serious modular mayhem! Complete with Ableton Live Lite 1GB of world class Loopmasters sample content and rock-solid mixer integration straight out of the box Launch Control XL will propel your Ableton Live experience to the next level. Features/Specifications Novation Control for Ableton Live: Launch Control XL integrates seamlessly with Ableton Live providing immediate hands-on control of mixer effects and instruments. 24 High-Quality Knobs with Customisable Multi-Colour LEDs: Launch Control XLs impressive array of rotary controls illuminate to distinguish between sends EQs or any other device. Solid reliable and precise each pot has a subtle centre notch for powerful EQ-style control while being almost unnoticeable when unrequired. The Ultimate Performance Combination: Take your music to the next level. Launch Control XL aligns perfectly with Launchpad S to deliver the ultimate Ableton Live control experience. Big Faders Compact size: Ableton users need faders they can trust. Launch Control XL incorporates eight rugged 60mm faders for high-precision level control all of which are MIDI re-mappable to envelopes filters or anything else. Personalise Your Own Control Layouts: Crafting the perfect mix has never been easier. The software editor included with Launch Control XL allows you to design your own templates placing the power of Ableton right at your fingertips. You can even customise knobs with your own colours and effortlessly switch between your own mappings and Lives built-in functionality. Unleash Your Creativity: Focus on the music not on the screen. With 16 additional high-performance multi-colour buttons Launch Control XL delivers instant control over all of Lives mixer and device parameters right out of the box. All controls are also freely re-assignable to any parameter you like. Tough Slim and Totally Gig-Able: Launch Control XL is road-ready to its core. Its nutted-down pots and super rugged build quality makes it tough enough to handle the most demanding live situation. Its also fully USB bus powered so you dont even need a power supply. Connects to Almost Anything: No set-up required: simply plug in and play on Mac Windows and iOS. Launch Control XL is also class-compliant so you can easily connect your iPad for immediate control of all MIDI-compatible iOS music software (Camera Connection Kit required). Make Music with Ableton Out of the Box: Launch Control XL comes with Ableton Live Lite the music production software favoured by countless leading artists as well as an impressive collection of production-ready samples from the highly-esteemed Loopmasters. Plug and Play with FL Studio and Other Software: Launch Control XL enjoys the same level of integration with FL Studio 11 as other Launch products. Supremely configurable and fully class-compliant its the ideal control surface for all your music and DJ software requirements. Novation Keyboards-and-Pianos 12V8

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