Novation Audiohub DJ and Live Producer Bundle

Novation Audiohub DJ and Live Producer Bundle
The Novation Audiohub DJ and Producer bundle is perfect for artists that want a professional but portable setup for live production and DJing. The Novation Audiohub 2×4 is a USB audio interface with Focusrite sound inside for high-quality electronic music production. Housed in a sleek yet tough aluminium chassis it provides two ultra-low latency inputs and four super loud outputs. This is paired with the Novation Launch Control XL which can easily take care of all your MIDI control and is powered from the Audiohub. To finish off the bundle we have included a pair of KRK KNS6400 Headphones and NEO high quality RCA cable.

Novation Audiohub 2×4 Novation Audiohub 2×4 is a compact audio interface and USB hub with Focusrite sound inside designed for high quality electronic music production. Novation has partnered with legendary audio manufacturer Focusrite to raise your sound quality with exceptional 96 kHz 24-bit audio performance. Sample pristine audio in – get pristine audio out. Housed in a tough aluminium chassis it sets up in seconds and de-clutters your desk whilst still providing easy access to volume controls. Novation designed this for the gigging electronic music producer. Its compact reliable and housed in a tough aluminium case. Its as rugged as interfaces get! Premium matched stereo RCA inputs mean you can capture pristine stereo sound and synth recordings. Live music needs to be loud and no performer appreciates quiet headphones. Every output on Audiohub 2×4 is blisteringly loud: the four RCAs the two balanced jacks and if you connect the power supply the headphone output too. The ultra-low latency performance is essential for playing out live using input signals such as synths. Of course you can always hit a button for direct latency-free monitoring.  Novation has integrated three USB 2.0 ports into Audiohub 2×4 so you can connect your Launchpad keyboard controller NI Maschine or any other USB gear to your computer at the same time greatly decluttering your set-up. Mac users can simply plug in and play. PC users get simple solid reliability from dedicated low latency drivers. You can even connect it all to your iPad if you connect the power supply and have a camera connection kit. The Audiohub 2×4 comes with Ableton Live Lite the music production software of choice for countless leading artists as well as an impressive collection of production-ready samples from the highly-esteemed Loopmasters. Novation Launch Control XL Launch Control XL is the ultimate mixer and device controller for Ableton Live. Immerse yourself in your music using eight 60mm faders and tweak your effects devices and plug-ins with 24 LED-enhanced knobs and 16 multi-colour performance buttons. Used in tandem with Launchpad Ss powerful 64 button grid Launch Control XL offers an unprecedented Live control experience. Whether youre triggering clips in the session view or playing drum racks with satisfying LED feedback; Launch Control XL aligns perfectly with Launchpad Ss peerless 8×8 surface. You can even combine multiple units for some serious modular mayhem! Complete with Ableton Live Lite 1GB of world class Loopmasters sample content and rock-solid mixer integration straight out of the box Launch Control XL will propel your Ableton Live experience to the next level. KRK KNS 6400 Professional Closed-Back Headphones This closed-back around-the-ear design of the KNS 6400 Headphones brings you closer to your music and the highly isolated surround pads give you the freedom to immerse yourself in the sound without having your monitor mix escape into open microphones and keeps live instruments out of what you are monitoring. Having consistent and accurate reproduction of your music or mix will help you achieve just what the artist intended especially if the artist is you. KRK Headphones provide a precise listening experience that takes you from personal studio to commercial studio to on-the-go track evaluations and they allow you to accurately enjoy your music with the consistent voicing philosophy and honest reproduction top producers studio musicians performers and engineers have come to trust. KRK headphones provide incredibly natural frequency response that gives you a reference standard unaffected by your location. Voiced to remain true to the character of KRKs class leading studio monitors developed with 25 years experience in studio sound. Utilizing the latest in acoustic memory foam technology the KNS 6400 ensures class-leading performance in both reproduction and isolation. Neo Oyaide d+ RCA Class B 2M Cable Green These cables help improve your ever all sound. Especially by synergy effect with d+ USB series they improve the sound qualities of DJ I/Os such as Serato SCRATCH LIVE or NI TRAKTOR and project the details of sound images. Although MP3 files tend to emphasize noise or sound which is not favorable for human ears the d+ RCA series provides you smooth and stereoscopic sounds and reduces distortion and signal loss by its excellent electric property. About the product planning for the d+ RCA series we contemplated the best combination of important materials and factors such as its structure conductor insulator shielding outer sheath and contact of plug. In addition its hi-definition playback property helps for making a good quality file recording for vinyl sound capturing. Novation Recording-and-Computers 15J6

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