Novation 49 SL Mk2 MIDI Controller Keyboard – Nearly New

Novation 49 SL Mk2 MIDI Controller Keyboard - Nearly New
SL Mk II combines a high quality semi-weighted keyboard with a full DAW and plug-in control surface that visually feeds back all control information to the user. A giant 144-character display back lit LED buttons and LED ringed encoders show the status of all controls. Ultra-quick mapping of all 56 knobs faders and buttons is managed by the groundbreaking Automap 3 PRO software. Please note this item was returned unwanted from a customer. The original boxing is scuffed and all the seals are broken.Otherwise the unit itself looks and operates as new and has only been used a couple of times. This is a great opportunity to buy a fully functioning product at a discounted price supplied with a one year warranty.

Key Features High quality professional keyboard – Velocity-sensitive semi-weighted action keyboard from Fatar with assignable after-touch. Novation deliver the feeling of playing an instrument rather than just a computer peripheral. Illuminated controls provide instant visual feedback – Brightly lit LED rings around the eight smooth encoders and backlit buttons throughout provide instant visual feedback for every physical control further reducing reliance on the computer screen. Giant 144-character LCD screen – Frees the artist from being chained to the computer screen placing all the essential data right alongside the relevant controls. Huge array of touch-sensitive controls – Full control surface supporting ultra flexible DAW control and Auto-mappable plug-in controls 16 knobs 8 faders and 32 assignable backlit LED buttons. Automap 3 PRO Control Software – SL Mk II comes with Automap software which enables you to instantly map software parameters to faders buttons encoders and pots and other controllers SL Mk II has been designed to equip the modern DAW user with every dimension of hardware control enabling a hands-on approach to navigating software mixing and controlling plug-ins. It represents extraordinary value as a controller integrating a DAW control surface with a quality semi-weighted keyboard (with after-touch) and the most intuitive plug-in mapping capabilities available – presided over by Automap 3 PRO; unquestionably the most advanced control software on the market. SL Mk II upholds Novations reputation for building quality hardware (like the SL Mk I they will also appeal to performers who need a well-constructed keyboard on stage). Quality is not just reflected in their robustness but more importantly in the way the SL Mk II has been designed with every detail calculated to maximise workflow. The SL Mk IIs visually feeds back all controller information to the user with back lit buttons and encoder LED rings. The difficulty with other control surfaces is knowing what is assigned to what. SL Mk II has a giant 144-character ultra-bright LCD screen that displays all the parameter names and values for the currently selected row of controllers. All 8 faders and 16 knobs are touch sensitive so the moment one is touched the display shows the names and values on that row and puts brackets around the controller that is currently being touched. This enables the user to see which parameter is assigned to the controller without having to change the value or refer to their software. SL Mk II also has a dedicated Speed Dial knob which can be used to change the value of any parameter the cursor is positioned over without making any assignments whatsoever. The 8 continuous rotary encoders have 11 segment LED rings around each of them allowing encoders to behave like pots so the user can see the value before moving them. All the buttons have LEDs underneath them so users can instantly see their status without having to press them. There are 8 soft-feel drum pads a pitch/modulation wheel and an X/Y Xpression touchpad which (along with footswitch and sustain pedal inputs) are all fully assignable to any parameter with the Automap software The SL Mk II has been designed to draw minimum current so it can be used as a USB buss-powered device and an optional 9V DC power supply can be added for stand-alone use. As well as USB interfacing the SL Mk II has 1 MIDI in 1 MIDI thru and 2 MIDI outs. The power behind SL Mk IIs unique ability to map controllers at the touch of a button is contained within the included Automap software. Automap 3 PRO enables users to map controllers with incredible speed and ease – no more digging through MIDI continuous controller numbers the Automap server takes care of it all. Automaps GUI gives the user a visual representation of all the current mappings on screen as well as the ability to save and manage mappings across different projects. There is also an option to only bring up the GUI when a controller on the SL Mk II has been touched! Novation Keyboards-and-Pianos 1FUS

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Novation 49 SL Mk2 MIDI Controller Keyboard – Nearly New

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