Nord Electro 4 SW73 Key Semi-Weighted Keyboard – Ex Demo

Nord Electro 4 SW73 Key Semi-Weighted Keyboard - Ex Demo
The Nord Electro 4 SW73 features everything from the award-winning Electro 3 series plus the tone wheel organ engine from the Clavia Nord C2D and USB-MIDI – all in a 73-note semi weighted waterfall keybed. br>This item is an ex showroom display model. There are light scuffs and signs of use around the casing. The original boxing and manual are not included. Otherwise the unit operates as new.This is a great opportunity to buy a fully functioning product at a discounted price supplied with a one year warranty.Software bundled with the original new product may have been registered or may no longer be included.

Organ Section The Nord Electro 4 features the B3 tone wheel organ engine from the flagship organ Nord C2D and includes a redesigned Key Click simulation as well as the Rotary Speaker simulation of a vintage 122 unit with a great new overdrive. The percussion model has been improved to offer increased control over the percussion levels when playing near-legato. The vibrato and chorus scanners have been carefully modeled to be just as alive as the tone wheels. The Farfisa and Vox models are just as impressive as the B3 simulating the behaviour and unique response of the original instruments. The Farfisa Compact Deluxe considered by many to be the mother of transistor organs involves routing matrixes and complex filter combinations that offer a tailored sound with massive energy and high-end. The Vox Continentals brute design brings you a more hollow tone but with a very intense character. Both these transistor organs have their own unique irreplaceable personalities. Combine them with any of the Amp simulations add some distortion adjust the EQ and they will definitely get you through any organ gig with flying colours. The keyboard features Digital LED Drawbars. The organ can be split for compact dual manual action and its even possible to assign the lower manual to a second MIDI keyboard. Inputs for a Swell pedal and Rotary Speaker control are also available. Piano Section The Nord Electro 4 comes loaded with a selection of amazing sounds from the Nord Piano Library – Nords specialised library for Grand Upright and Electrical Pianos Clavinet and Harpsichords. All the sounds have been recorded using a state-of-the-art sampling techniques to capture the extraordinary nuances and unique characters of the source instruments and covers everything from brilliant factory new Grand Pianos to detuned upright bar pianos with tons of charm. The entire Nord Piano Library is included on DVDs and new additions can be downloaded free on the Nord Piano Library page. Replacing the sounds is simply a matter of dragging and dropping files in the Nord Sound Manager for Mac and Windows. The Long Release feature is suitable for legato playing styles and the String Resonance (Gen 1) feature on Grand and Upright Pianos can be turned off when desired. Nord Electro 4 SW73 features 380 MB of memory for the Nord Piano Library and 4 Dynamic Response Curves for customising the keyboard response to your playing style. Nord Sample Library and Editor The Nord Electro 4 supports the Nord Sample Library giving you access to Nords exclusively licensed Mellotron and Chamberlin sounds and a wide selection of quality sounds from leading sample producers. See the Nord Sample Library section to learn more and listen to the more than 1000 the sounds currently available. The Nord Sample library is updated on a regular basis and all new additions can be downloaded for free. The included Nord Sample Editor makes it possible to add any sound you want to your Electro 4. The Sample Editor can use audio files in the .wav format and has great tools to assist you in getting the results you want. Mapping several samples across the keyboard or creating seamless loops has never been easier. The Electro 4 SW73 has 128 MB of memory for the Nord Sample Library. Effect Section The Electro 4 effect section features great tweakable effects for instantly adding some dirt glimmer or atmosphere to your sound. The Amp/Speaker simulation now features the same Vintage 122 Rotary Speaker simulations as found in our flagship organ Nord C2D. Also theres a flexible Stereo Delay effect with Tap-Tempo and Ping-Pong mode. Effect 1 – Pan Tremolo Auto-wah (stereo) Effect 2 – Phaser Flanger and Chorus (stereo) Delay – Stereo delay effect with Tap Tempo button and Ping-Pong mode Three band EQ with sweepable mid Compressor/Amp – Twin JC Small Rotary and Compressor Reverb with five algorithms – Room Stage Soft Stage Hall Hall Soft Semi Waterfall Keybed Each Fatar keybed is meticulously calibrated at the Nord factory to ensure an even response over the whole range. This keybed type uses semi weighted organ type keys with a rounded “waterfall” tip brilliant for rapid organ shredding and synthesiser licks but also plays nice with piano sounds. Key range is F-F. Performance Changing editing and storing presets is a breeze with there is also 4 Live memory locations that automatically saves what youre doing. The Program memory can hold 128 different Programs organized in 32 Pages with 4 Programs each. All Nord instruments have dedicated knobs and buttons for all vital functions to keep the interface simple and easy to use during a performance. Functions only accessible through menus are printed on the panel for easy overview. Monitor Input Just plug your MP3 or CD player to the rear panel monitor input to play along rehearse to or jam with previously recorded music without the need of an external mixer or sound system. The signal is monitored through the headphone output. Control Pedals Control Pedal support has been improved and now supports the following pedals: Fatar Yamaha FC7 Roland EV-7 Roland EV-5 Korg EXP2 and Korg XVP10. Specifications Keyboard: 73-key (6 octaves F-F) Velocity sensitive Semi Weighted Waterfall keyboard Dimensions: 1120 mm (44.1″) 100 mm (3.9″) 300 mm (11.8″) Weight: 9.1 kg (18.2 lbs) Connections 2 Audio outputs L & R: 1/4″ 635 mm jacks unbalanced 1 Monitor input: 1/8″ 35 mm stereo jack 1 Headphone output: 1/4″ 635 mm stereo jack 1 Control pedal input: 1/4″ 635 mm TRS stereo jack like Yamaha FC7 Roland EV-7 Roland EV-5 Korg EXP2 and Korg XVP10. 1 Sustain pedal input: 1/4″ 635 mm jack. Use a momentary pedal like e.g Roland DP-2 DP-6 Yamaha FC-4 FC-5 Fatar VFP1-25 etc. 1 Rotary Speaker speed switch pedal input: 1/4″ 635 mm jack. Use a momentary pedal or a switch type pedal MIDI In MIDI Out: 5 pin DIN connectors USB – type B connector: for transferring sounds and USB-MIDI IEC320 C18 power connector Included Accessories User Manual Power Cord Nord DVD-ROM Nord Keyboards-and-Pianos 1855

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Nord Electro 4 SW73 Key Semi-Weighted Keyboard – Ex Demo -

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