Native Instruments Traktor Scratch Control Vinyl MK2 Clear

Native Instruments Traktor Scratch Control Vinyl MK2 Clear
The Native Instruments Traktor Scratch DVS has been designed for DJs how love the flexibility of carrying hundreds of MP3s but dont want to give up the analog feel of using vinyl. DVS allows DJ to control MP3s in exactly the same way you would a record. The super low latency of the MK2 control vinyl (time code) means that back-cueing and scratching can be performed perfectly every time.

What is timecode? Control Vinyl or TimeCode is a specially recorded vinyl which is played on conventional turntables. The vinyl is a recording of analog audio signals often referred to as timecode. The turntables audio output – the timecode recording – is routed into an analog-to-digital converter or ADC. This ADC may be a multi-channel soundcard or a dedicated external USB or firewire audio interface box DJ controller device or compatible mixer (usually distributed with the software). The ADC sends digital time code information to the software which then translates the signal into corresponding changes in the playback speed direction and position of a digital audio file. The audio file will react as if were pressed directly onto the record. The manipulated audio output of the program is then sent back through the DAC or the computers sound card and can be routed into an audio mixer where it can be mixed like any other analog audio signal. The result is digital audio playback that sounds like music manipulated by an analog vinyl recording. However there is always a short delay between the needles reading of the time code and the softwares playback of the audio. The delay time is treated as a figure of merit for vinyl emulation products. A shorter delay allows the DJ to have better response and control of the music and is usually not noticeable by the user or listener. The Traktor Control Vinyl MK2 features the lowest latency in the range. Specifications IMPORTANT: Please note that to use MK2 edition timecode you must be using TRAKTOR SCRATCH PRO 2 or TRAKTOR SCRATCH DUO 2 purchased after Nov.1 2011 or older SCRATCH software versions with 2.1.1 service update or higher. Includes 1x Control Vinyl Native Instruments PA-DJ-and-Lighting 1C5J

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