MXR Custom Shop Sub Machine Octave Fuzz

MXR Custom Shop Sub Machine Octave Fuzz
The MXR Custom Shop Sub Machine is an octave fuzz pedal similar to the MXR La Machine but includes a new sub octave control. Select octave up from either a foot switch or smaller button and roll in a sub octave using one of the four knobs on the front of the pedal; just roll the sub control up and you will gradually introduce a sub effect into your signal giving you a much larger sound. Choose if you want the sub effect in series or parallel meaning you can decide if it runs alongside the fuzz so you have a clean octave below or set it to enter the effect allowing for a normal sound plus an octave above and below with a fuzz effect.

Features 70s era fuzz octave effects Sub octave control Select octave up from foot switch or button Roll in sub octaves using knobs Series or parallel running MXR Guitar-and-Bass 1525

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