Mapex Storm 20 Fast Fusion Drum Kit w/ Hardware Deep Black

Mapex Storm 20 Fast Fusion Drum Kit w/ Hardware Deep Black
The Mapex Storm 20″ Fast Fusion Drum Kit is the latest innovation from drum pioneers Mapex and features shall depth toms 100% Poplar shells and SONIClear bearing edges. Included with the Storm Fast Fusion Drum Kit is a range of double braced hardware with a concave leg design and stylish black finish.

SONIClear Bearing Edges “The SONIClear bearing edge has been very important to the success of all the Mapex high quality sets like Saturn V Armory and Mars basically helping players at all levels get a bigger and better sound quicker states Gary Ingraffia Mapex Brand Manager. “That frustration especially for players who are learning the art of tuning their drums can lead to a lack of enjoyment and less time playing. The SONIClear Bearing Edge solves those issues and enables players to get a great sound even without much tuning experience. This is a truly a significant advantage found on all Storm series sets. Storm Double Braced Hardware The new Storm hardware series included with all Storm kits. The double-braced Storm cymbal stands are 3 tier for maximum adjustment and cymbal placement. All Storm hardware feature the new Mapex concave leg design for easier better positioning. Premium Mapex Quality Made in Mapexs wholly owned manufacturing facility the kit is ready to head from rehearsal to show and back time and time again standing you in good stead as a busy musician. Forever at the leading edge of drum design Mapex have re-designed the adjusters and holders of this kit meaning you can be sure you will be find the optimum position for your gear and most importantly that it will stay there throughout your gig. Crucial to truly great playing take your time to set up your kit so the entire range of sounds is at your disposal at all times. Kit Includes: 1 x Bass Drum 2 x Rack Toms 1 x Floor Tom 1 x Snare Drum Hi-Hat Stand Snare Stand Boom Cymbal Stand Single Kick Pedal Features Complete Fusion Size Drum Kit with Hardware 100 Poplar Shells with SONIClear Bearing Edge Includes Snare and Stand Robust Double Braced Hardware Three Tier Adjustable Boom Stand Specifications Shells & Hardware Shell Material: Poplar Bearing Edge: SONIClear Hardware: Double Braced Cymbal Stands: 3 Tier Adjustable Hardware Legs: Mapex Concave Design Hardware Finish: Black Shell Dimensions Kick: 20” x 16” Snare: 14” x 5” Tom 1: 10 x 7” Tom 2: 12 x 8” Floor Tom: 14” x 12” Mapex Drums-and-Percussion 1GYC

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Mapex Storm 20 Fast Fusion Drum Kit w/ Hardware Deep Black -

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