Mapex Saturn V 20 Club Fusion Shell Pack Espresso Walnut

Mapex Saturn V 20 Club Fusion Shell Pack Espresso Walnut
The Mapex Saturn V Club Fusion kit is a versatile 4 piece drum shell set perfect for a wide range of genres and playing styles. The hybrid Maple/Walnut shells deliver a rich resonant tone with excellent volume and sustain while the innovative SONIClear™ bearing edge and mounts work to increase vibrations in the shell and heads maximising the drums resonance and projection.

With its compact 20×16 kick drum and fast short stack 10×7 and 12×8 rack toms the Club Fusion set produces a punchy aggressive sound with crystal clear definition complimented by the driving low end depth of the powerful 14×14 floor tom. The hybrid Maple/Walnut shells come complete with chrome hardware and a gorgeous Espresso Walnut finish ensuring that this kit looks every bit as impressive as it sounds. SONIClear™ Bearing Edge & Mounts The shells feature Mapexs unique SONIClear™ bearing edge which allows the drumhead to sit flatter and make better contact with the shell. The result is a drum with far greater resonance and tonal clarity along with a deeper more rounded tone. The SONIClear™ edge also allows for much easier tuning and enables the drum to consistently stay in tune. Complimenting the bearing edge are the innovative low-contact mounts. The bass drum claws and SONIClear™ tom suspension are designed to increase resonance by reducing contact and preserving vibration in the shell. The tom suspension also avoids touching the tension rods allowing the heads to stay in tune for longer and making them easy to change. The new bass drum spurs and TH800 tom arm mount both feature measure marks enabling you to easily and accurately set them to your preferred settings and the arm mount features a spring system which allows the clamp to be slipped over the tube with one quick move without needing two hands. Features Maple/Walnut Hybrid Shell Espresso Walnut Finish Chrome Hardware SONIClear™ Bearing Edge & Tom Suspension TH800 Tom Arm Mount Newly Designed Bass Drum Spurs & Claw Hooks Configuration 20 x 16 Bass Drum 10 x 7 and 12 x 8 Rack Toms 14 x 14 Floor Tom Please note: This Mapex shell pack does not include cymbals snare or hardware. Mapex Drums-and-Percussion 16UP

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