Mackie S525 2-Way Dual 15″ Passive Speaker

Mackie S525 2-Way Dual 15
As part of the S500 series this passive loudspeaker boasts a sound-aware enclosure design responsive high-frequency circuitry dual 15″ woofers and 1 High Frequency driver as well as handling up to 2400 Watts of peak power

The Mackie S525 is boasts a Dual 15″ woofers and 1″ High-Frequency driver and handles 2400W of peak power. It has a wide dispersion of 90° horizontally and 50° vertically. Mackie S500 Series Passive Loudspeakers provide high-powered speakers with high-quality components like custom-specified drivers and all-wood enclosures ensuring touring-quality sound and ruggedness. Compact Sound-Aware Enclosure Design The S525 and others in its series benefit from from all-natural sturdy wood which gives incredible response great rigidity and extended low-frequency output without rattles or vibrations. The whole acoustic chamber is air-displaced with adiabatic acoustic batting. This dampens internal midrange reflections so they can?t bleed back through the LF transducer cone and reach your ears which causes inferior ?boxy? sounding enclosures. Along with LF porting all this allows the Mackie S500 enclosures to deliver amazing sound in a compact design. Tour-Ready Protection and Transporting The S525 also features a highly-durable PVC vinyl covering and protective edge bumpers for physical protection as youre moving it around. The bumpers also have built-in cups for stacking multiple full-range loudspeakers. Its sturdy side handles and ergonomic design makes it easy for transport. Responsive High-Frequency Circuitry The passive speaker features protective circuitry for the HF driver. If the speakers are driven beyond their limits the HF protection circuitry immediatelly reduces power to the HF driver so high-frequencies will drop when theyre too high and gives you the notice to adjust your levels.. This importantly protects the HF driver from damage. Once you control the signal everything returns smoothly to their levels. Combine It With Other Mackie Products You could combine the S525 with Mackie?s popular PPM Series Powered Mixer for a powerful system that?s easy to transport and set up. Or you could integrate with Mackie FRS Series Power Amplifiers and an SP260 Speaker Processor for a completely optimised passive system. Click on the link below for more details about the Mackie S500 series: Features/Specifications: System Type: Two-way full-range loudspeaker Frequency Range ( 10dB): 51 Hz – 18 kHz Horizontal Coverage Angle: 90° Verticle Coverage Angle: 50° Sensitivity (1W @ 1m): 102.9 dB SPL Nominal Impedance: 8 Ohms Power Handling: 600 Watts Continuous 1200 Watts Program 2400 Watts Peak Crossover Frequency: 2800 Hz Transducers Low Frequency: Two 15″ / 381 mm woofers vented High Frequency: 1″ / 25 mm tweeter Physical Specs Input Connectors: Two 1/4″ TS jacks Two NL4 jacks (Paralleled) Enclosure: Wood with textured black PVC vinyl covering Dimensions: Height: 43.9 in / 1115 mm Width: 16.8 in / 427 mm Depth: 15.6 in / 396 mm Weight: 75 lb / 34 Kg Mackie PA-DJ-and-Lighting JEK

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Mackie S525 2-Way Dual 15″ Passive Speaker

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