Mackie HR624 MK2 Active Monitor Pair

Mackie HR624 MK2 Active Monitor Pair
The Mackie HR624 mk2s surpass the legendary performance of our classic HRs to deliver even better sound quality in a stunning new package. The precisely engineered contours of the cast aluminum Zero Edge Baffle minimize diffraction for a crystal clear image of your mix and control sound waves so you get detailed lows full articulate mids and shimmering highs whether youre on axis or off.

Mackie HR624 mk2s were created with High Definition audio in mind with such unbelievable sound quality there s little wonder why the HRmk2 Series was approved for THX pm3 compliance on its initial trial. THX pm3 Certification means that the HRmk2s have met the stringent standards set by THX Ltd.for outstanding performance and that these monitors can be used with confidence by anyone seeking THX Certification for their studio or striving to maintain THX standards. Mackie thought of every last detail from consistency in sound from one HRmk2 monitor to the next to an aesthetic design that unifies the whole HRmk2 family. Building on and evolving from the classic HR monitors legacy of excellence HR624 mk2s deliver superior performance and design making them a truly pro monitoring solution for todays studio. Enclosure 3/4-inch (19 mm) thick MDF cabinet construction with internal bracing to add to cabinet stiffness. Piano-black gloss finish. Die-cast aluminum exponential wave guide for controlled wide dispersion from high-frequency driver and Zero Edge Baffle to minimize diffraction around the cabinet edges. Open cell adiabatic foam fill acoustical damping material absorbs internal reflections preventing delayed sound coloration. Flush-mount connector system allows monitor to be placed against a wall without need for connector clearance. System Specifications: Balanced Differential (XLR and 1/4″ TRS) Unbalanced (RCA) Input Impedance: 20 kohm Balanced 10 kohm Unbalanced Input Protection: RFI and Level Protected Maximum Input Level: +20 dBu Low Frequency Filter: 80 Hz 2nd Order Butterworth HF Equalization: Shelving ±2 dB @ 10 kHz Acoustic Space: A position: 4 dB @ 50 Hz shelving B position: 2 dB @ 50 Hz shelving C position: Flat Compressor: Independent high and low frequency overload detection Enclosure Alignment: 6th Order Over Excursion Prevention: 2nd Order High-Pass Filter Low Line Voltage Shut Down: 60 of Nominal Line Thermal Protection: Amplifier Shut-Down Auto Reset Muting: 5 seconds at turn-on Signal Sense Threshold: 74 dBu (0.155 mV) Driver Protection: Independent LF and HF Detection Overall Compression Mackie Recording-and-Computers Z22

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