Mackie HDA Active Array Speaker (Single)

Mackie HDA Active Array Speaker (Single)
Mackie has earned a reputation for bringing high-end technology into designs that fit the needs and budgets of the working musician. The Mackie HDA High-Definition Arrayable Powered Loudspeaker System exemplifies this philosophy delivering superior performance and unparalleled sonic quality in the most cost-effective constant curvature line array ever created.

Powered by 1200W of peak system power with a coverage pattern of 110° x 20° the compact 12″ 2-Way HDA loudspeakers are highly configurable. With acoustic and mechanical design by the award-winning engineering experts at EAW and patented HD audio processing HDA offers proven line array performance and technology at a price point attainable by more users than ever before. HDAs are bi-amplified delivering 1200W of peak system power: 500W RMS for LF 100W RMS for HF. They use Class-D amplifiers which are ultra-efficient and cool running providing all the power needed to push the high-output drivers in a design that is lightweight. Mackie amplifiers incorporate Fast Recovery circuitry which helps to smooth nasty distortion when things get pushed too hard. Power runs are industry standard Neutrik® PowerCons with an AC pass-through reducing clutter and confusion. HDA Explained HD Digital Processing Part of Mackies HD Series HDA incorporates their proven HD Digital Processing. Even the most expensive loudspeakers on the market have inherent sonic issues that arise from the very nature of loudspeaker design. Horn-loaded drivers tend to have a honkiness to them and there are physical resonances in the upper range of cone drivers that can sound nasty. Introducing Mackie High-Definition Audio Processing. The key to high-definition live sound is the detailed measurement and analysis of the inherent problems of horns and woofers. After that the creation and application of some seriously NASA-esque (and patented) acoustic correction algorithms work to correct these very issues. Vocals become clean and intelligible and the highs are smooth and never harsh. The resulting experience is not only high-definition it is truly a moment of clarity for anyone within earshot. Features/SpecificationsFor further detailed features and specifications about the HDA Active speaker please download the PDF from the link above. HD Array: 12″ 2-way Constant Curvature HD Array: 110° x 20° coverage integrated rigging three array voicing modes allow easy system configuration Amplification: 1200W of efficient Class-D Fast Recovery amplification: LF amp: 500W RMS/1000W peak HF amp: 100W RMS/200W peak. Woofer: 12″ neodymium woofer with 3″ voice coil by EAW Drivers: Dual Beyma® 1.7″ compression drivers Portability: Ultra-compact and lightweight 26.7kg Cabinet: Rugged all wood cabinet (15mm birch plywood) Software: Supported by EAW Resolution prediction software HD: High definition audio processing includes: Revolutionary patented acoustic correctiontransducer time alignment and phase correction precision 2-way crossover Multitude of configuration options: Integrated flypoints or optional flybar support up to 4x HDA and up to 2x HD1801 subwoofers ground stack on HD1801 subwoofer or flybar pole mount up to 2x HDA on HD1801 subwoofer or tripod using dual angle pole cups Mackie PA-DJ-and-Lighting DI2

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