Mackie HD1521 Active PA Speaker (Single) – Ex Demo

Mackie HD1521 Active PA Speaker (Single) - Ex Demo
The Mackie HD1521 2-Way High-Definition Powered Loudspeaker delivers class-leading power unmatched clarity and extreme flexibility. Class-D Fast Recovery amplification produces 1600W of peak system power. High-Definition Audio Processing incorporates next-generation Mackie Active electronics and re-defines powered loudspeakers. System tuning and custom transducer design by EAW ensures an optimized system that sounds great every time. br>This item is an ex showroom display model. There are light scuffs and signs of use around the casing. The original boxing and manual are not included. Otherwise the unit operates as new.This is a great opportunity to buy a fully functioning product at a discounted price supplied with a one year warranty.Software bundled with the original new product may have been registered or may no longer be included.

Maximize Your Output The HD1521 incorporates the latest in Class-D amplifier technology to deliver a chest-pounding 1600W of peak system power. All three internal amps are designed using Mackies legendary Fast Recovery circuitry. Other amplifiers can latch when pushed to clipping leading to distorted audio but Fast Recovery amplification reacts instantly to the occasional aggressive transient drastically reducing the time it takes for the amp to recover ensuring clean audio under the most demanding of situations. Define the Experience Mackie incorporate precision crossovers and transducer time/phase alignment processing into the loudspeaker. This instantly took the guesswork out of setting up a perfectly tuned system and the world of loudspeakers irreversibly changed. HD Series High-Definition Powered Loudspeakers not only advance Active technology they take it to an entirely new level marking the next major advancement for powered loudspeakers: High-Definition Live Sound. EAW Inside The HD1521 is a perfectly tuned system that is truly greater than the sum of its parts. This is only possible due to the hard work and insane genius of the engineering team over at Eastern Acoustic Works (EAW). Not only did they fine tune the system for complete optimization they also ustom-designed the transducers ensuring maximum efficiency and performance. The high-end 15″ neodymium woofer features a 3″ voice coil and is built to handle the massive power delivered by the low-frequency amplifier. The magnet is made using neodymium which provides a greater magnetic field with far less material. This makes the woofer extremely lightweight without sacrificing one bit of performance. And the large 3″ voice-coil is built to handle and dissipate far more heat than traditional designs. A 6″ mid-range driver takes care of all the mids leaving the woofer to do what it does best. The 1.75″ compression driver brilliantly reproduces high-frequencies with a diaphragm made using heat-treated titanium. Heat-treating increases the rigidity of the diaphragm eliminating nasty distortion that can occur due to inconsistencies on its surface. It also greatly increases the life of the driver so you can count on stunning high-frequency production for years. Improving on traditional hi/mid horn designs the HD1521 implements Mackies optimized wide-dispersion WaveFront system to focus energy directly at your audience ensuring optimum intelligibility for every seat in the house. The premium drivers waveguide and system tuning allow the HD1521 to achieve the most output and best possible sound from every single component Tailor your Tone For added flexibility Mackie have included a user-adjustable 3-band EQ on the rear panel of every HD Series loudspeaker. Its not just a two-position EQ switch that can only bet set to flat or boost but a high-quality 3-band EQ with Hi and Lo shelving and a sweepable mid frequency each with +/- 3dB of gain. This allows you to customize the loudspeakers for the task at hand.Features/Specifications Amplification: 1800W of ultra-efficient Class-D Fast Recovery amplification High-definition audio processing: Revolutionary patented acoustic correction transducer time alignment and phase correction precision 3-way crossover. Transducers: Custom designed transducers by EAW. 15″ neodymium woofer with 3″ voice coil 6″ horn-loaded high-output mid-range transducer 1.75″ compression driver with heat-treated titanium diaphragm EQ: User-adjustable 3-band contour EQ with sweepable mid-frequency Horn System: Optimized wide-dispersion WaveFront high/mid horn system Cabinet: Rugged all wood cabinet (15mm birch plywood) This item is an ex showroom display model. There are light scuffs and signs of use around the casing. Otherwise the unit operates as new. This is a great opportunity to buy a fully functioning product at a discounted price supplied with a one year warranty. Mackie PA-DJ-and-Lighting 12BQ

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Mackie HD1521 Active PA Speaker (Single) – Ex Demo

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