LD Systems CURV 500 PS Portable Array System Power Set

LD Systems CURV 500 PS Portable Array System Power Set
The LD Systems CURV 500 PS Portable Array System (Power Set) is a compact portable array system featuring eight interlocking satellites which are operated via a SmartLink adapter. The 2 x 10 bass-reflex subwoofers feature Class D Power amplification and include a limiter protection again short circuit overheating over-voltage as well as a 4-channel mixer with 16 digital effect presets and Bluetooth connectivity. The eight satellites are interlocking and easy configurable for a range of spaces and environments. Also included in this bundle are distance bars and speaker cables for extra versatility. Its portability and expansive functionality make the CURV 500 PS ideal for any musical venue that needs a powerful audio solution.

Portable Yet Powerful The CURV 500 PS Set is designed to blend into any space where music is played from bars and clubs to studios and home use providing up to 920 Watts RMS and a maximum sound pressure of 134dB. The subwoofer is built to protect against short circuit overheating and over-voltage providing extra protection against the hazards of electrical problems. The 10 subwoofer also includes a 4-channel mixer with 16 digital effect presets and Bluetooth connectivity as well as combo and speak-on compatible sockets for expansive connectivity options. The extensive connectivity and comprehensive list of features makes the CURV 500 PV an ideal audio solution for a range of different applications. Maui Series The active MAUI column systems by LD Systems offer an especially compact complete PA solution: they are very easy to transport can be set up in seconds and blend into any setting thanks to their unobtrusive appearance. The vertical array configuration digital signal processing and individualized amplification of the frequency bands by separate power amplifiers ensure an especially large dispersion angle and extremely homogeneous sound distribution in the audience area. With their impressive audio performance and simple handling the LD MAUI PA systems are suitable for a surprisingly wide range of applications. Features Unibody satellites operating on a Smartlink® plug and play adapter 10 Subwoofer with Class D amplification Subwoofer includes 4-channel mixer with 16 digital effects and Bluetooth connectivity Speakon and combo compatible connectors LD Systems WaveAhead technology Eight satellites two smartlink adapters and two speaker cables. Specifications Product Type: Portable Array System Type: Active System Output (RMS): 920W Colour: Black Number Of Array Satellites: 8 Number of Smartlink Adapters: 2 Number of Subwoofers: 2 Max. SPL (continous): 128dB Max. SPL (peak): 134dB Frequency Response: 47 – 20000Hz Dispersion (H x V): 110° horizontal vertical (each satellite) 10° RMS: Subwoofer: 300 W Array Satellites: 2 x 160 W Subwoofer Extension 300W Peak power: Subwoofer: 1200 W Array Satellites: 2 x 640 Subwoofer Extension: 1200W Amplifier: Class D Protection circuits: DSP-based multiband limiter Accessories (included): 2 x Speaker cable (2.2 m) 2 x Power cable 2 x Distance bar Subwoofer Low/mid driver dimensions: 10 Low/mid driver dmensions (mm): 254mm Cabinet construction: vented Cabinet material: plywood Cabinet surface: PA painting Dimensions Subwoofer (W x H x D): 325 x 383 x 491mm Subwoofer weight: 16.5kg Subwoofer features: 3 ergonomic handles Bluetooth Threaded flange M20 4 System DSP Presets 16 DFX Presets 4 channel mixer Array Satellites Mid/Hi system: MF: 1 x 4″ / HF: 3 x 1″ with WaveAhead® Technology / 16 ohms Array Satellite Features: internal crossover WaveAhead® Technology metal grille Array Satellite Material: die-cast aluminium Array Satellite Surface: powder coated Array Satellite Dimensions (W x H x D): 122 x 122 x 122mm Array Satellite Weight: 1.7kg Smartlink® Adapter Smartlink Adapter Features: 2x M6 thread for optional wall mount 2 x 16 mm pole mount socket Smartlink Adapter Connectors: 1x Phoenix 1 x Speakon-compatible Smartlink Adapter Material: die-cast aluminium Smartlink Adapter Surface: powder coated Smartlink Adapter Dimensions (W x H x D): 122 x 57 x 122mm Smartlink Adapter Weight: 0.6kg Ld Systems PA-DJ-and-Lighting 1DYP

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LD Systems CURV 500 PS Portable Array System Power Set

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