Laney LA65D Acoustic Guitar Combo Amplifier

Laney LA65D Acoustic Guitar Combo Amplifier
LANEY LA65D 65-WATT ACOUSTIC GUITAR COMBO AMPLIFIER The LA65D is the flagship model of the new dedicated acoustic combos. Designed to give the acoustic guitar player a pure acoustic guitar tone studio quality reverb and the flexibility to deal with any number of different applications. some very fine tuned tweaking to get exactly the sound you want and the variable chorus allows you to get some very usable chorus effects.

The LA65D handles anything plugged into it with ease be it a regular 6 string dreadnought or parlour nylon strung or a 12 string. Nothing is lost from the natural guitars tone – everything is there present and correct. Features/Specifications: Power: RMS 65 Watts Inputs: 1x XLR (Mic) and Jack on Aux channel 2 1x jack on Instrument channel 1. Channels: 2 Equalisation: Bass & Treble on Aux channel 2 Bass & Treble on Instrument channel 1 plus Global feedback tch filter. Reverb: Yes Line Out: Yes FX Loop(s): Yes Drivers: 2x 8″ Custom Drives plus Horn CD Input: Yes Dimensions: (mm) 374 x 511 x 285 Laney Guitar-and-Bass B1P

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