Laney Ironheart IRT-STUDIO with Ironheart 1×12 Bundle

Laney Ironheart IRT-STUDIO with Ironheart 1x12 Bundle
Giving you crushing Ironheart tone in a 2U rack the IRONHEART Studio Rack Tube Amplifier features the same great IRONHEART tones as the bigger heads but in a low wattage studio package. It is paired here with the IRONHEART IRT-112 speaker cabinet allowing you to take to the stage as well as recording live or in the studio.

Laney Ironheart IRT-STUDIO Studio Rack Tube Amp The internal dummy load of the IRT-STUDIO means you dont have to connect an external speaker unlike a conventional tube-loaded amp giving you truly silent recording. The IRT-STUDIO houses a high-quality speaker-emulated record out immediately after the output section delivering all valve tone to your DAW or PA or even both at the same time – great for when youre recording live shows. A USB audio I/O and re-amp send jack also feature. The USB supplies both a dry signal and the processed signal split left and right to your DAW straight into either your PC Mac or iPad™. This useful addition means you can alter the guitar tone of your original recording without having to re-track anything. Laney Ironheart IRT-112 Guitar Cab The IRT112 is designed to compliment the IRT amp heads sonic output. It is a compact great-sounding 1 x 12″ extension cabinet with ergonomic side grab handles a 12″ Custom HH-designed driver and 80W power handling. The cabinet is light enough to be carried from gig to gig with no strain. Features/Specifications: Laney Ironheart IRT-STUDIO Studio Rack Tube Amp Inputs: 1 x 12 W Jack 1 x 1W Jack Power: 15 Watts < 1 Watt Channels: 3 - Clean Rhythm and Lead EQ: Bass Middle and Treble with Pull-Push EQ shift on each Master: Overall TONE Boost Switch: Footswitchable Pre-Boost Preamp valves: 3 x ECC 83 Output valves: 2 x EL84 Class: Class A/B Reverb: Laney designed digital reverb Footswitch: FS4-IRT supplied switches channel clean reverb and pre boost Speaker Connections: 1 x jack switchable 8 or 16 ohms Output attenutation: VARI WATTS features via input 15 watts or Laney Guitar-and-Bass SE4

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Laney Ironheart IRT-STUDIO with Ironheart 1×12 Bundle

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