Korg Volca Keys Analog Loop Synth

Korg Volca Keys Analog Loop Synth
Korg Volca Keys is a 27 key analog lead synth with a polyphonic sound engine and loop sequencer. With a simple structure compact body and powerful sound engine the Volca Keys can create complex chord sequences or lead lines for your tracks. This portable groovebox is especially well suited to live performance and hands on sound manipulation. The represented keyboard makes this synth remarkably easy to use too.

The long-awaited Volca Keys synthesiser is a 27-key analog synth capable of generating unbelievably powerful sound from its compact body. Starting with a filter section using the circuitry of the legendary miniKORG700s its astonishing sound takes full advantage of Korgs synthesizer expertise. Volca Keys simple structure includes a delay effect and sequencer offering richly expressive sounds that are distinctive of an analog synth. Volca Keys is a three-voice polyphonic analog synth a recognisable versatile structure. The ability to generate diverse and powerful sounds with just a few carefully selected parameters is a distinctive characteristic of analog synths and with Volca Keys the possibilities are endless. You can use the three oscillators to play chords produce solid lead lines with the help of detune or create far-out metallic sounds by applying ring modulation. The Voicing function makes it easy to specify how the three oscillators will be combined. Choose between Poly Unison Octave Fifth Unison Ring or Poly Ring simply by turning a dial. Easy for those taking thier first steps into synthesisers Volcas simple design makes it easy to obtain a wide variety of sounds. Record phrases as you play them with Volca Keys using the loop sequencer. With up to 16 steps its easy to create phrases as they come to mind. Use the overdub recording function to produce complex loops with up to 8 sequence patterns able to be stored in internal memory. Craft your loops with the Motion Sequence function apply time-varying changes to your sound to enhance loops and add originality to your live performances. Skip a step during sequence playback with Active Step a function that creates effects similar to a short loop or unexpectedly irregular rhythms. This allows you to create a dynamic performance just as though you were performing the sequence itself. Flux Function lets you play back the phrase without quantizing the steps producing a loop with a distinctive sense of groove. A useful self-tuning function constantly tunes the oscillators so you never need to tune during a performance or wait for the pitch to stabilise after turning the power on. Connect Volca Keys with the rest of the Volca Series or a Monotribe using the Sync Jack. A MIDI-in connector lets you synchronise with other devices play the Volca from any MIDI keyboard and send note messages from your DAW. The Volca Keys analogue loop synth has a compact size and a built-in speaker easily playable any time anywhere. The ideal starter-synth. Features Three-voice polyphonic synthesiser Voicing function Delay effect Simple loop sequencer Motion Sequence Function Active Step Function Flux Function Self-Tuning Function Sync jack and MIDI IN connector Compact size Battery-powered operation Built-in speaker Korg Keyboards-and-Pianos QPZ

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Korg Volca Keys Analog Loop Synth

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