Korg Pa4X 76 Arranger Keyboard with Free ABS Case and Headphones

Korg Pa4X 76 Arranger Keyboard with Free ABS Case and Headphones
The Korg Pa4X Professional Arranger Keyboard features 76 semi weighted keys with velocity sensitivity and aftertouch housed in an elegant streamlined aluminium cabinet with a huge 7-inch capacitive TouchView display with tilting system. Ideal for composing recording and combo use the intuitive Pa4X really comes to life in the hands of the solo keyboard performer and entertainer. KORGs arranger keyboards have been used by hundreds of thousands of music professionals across the planet. The Pa4X honours this rich history with a combination of unbeatable sound quality intuitive control and innovative features developed with with powerful new technology and progressive input and ideas from leading performance musicians from around the world. This bundle includes a free ABS case by Gear4music and Subzero headphones.

Sound Quality at Its Best The Korg Pa4X comes complete with over 1500* ready-to-play sounds including keyboards band and orchestral instruments plus electronic and acoustic instruments – from techno to folk all thanks to KORGs advanced EDS-X (Enhanced Definition Synthesis-eXpanded) sound engine. Sounds have been painstakingly captured using state-of-the-art methods that allow the finest of details to be accurately reproduced. Other sounds include new wind instruments strings basses acoustic and electric guitars multi-layer stereo grand piano and electric pianos from the acclaimed KORG SV-1 Stage Piano. Create ultra-realistic performances rich in expression all in real time and on demand with the unique DNC (Defined Nuance Control) – reproducing the subtle nuances and articulations of acoustic instruments. More than 90* authentic drumkits including Ambient Drums breathe life into any rhythmic passage; the Drum Family Easy Editing feature offers total control over volume pitch EQ and more. An additional 400 MB* of user memory allows new sounds to be added quickly and easily using KORG WAV AIFF and SoundFont™ formats. Conduct your own sampling session and take advantage of the complete sample recording and editing features found in the Pa4X. Slim Powerful and Easy to Use Ideal for players of any style and ability from beginners to professionals the dynamic response of the keys on the Pa4X is adjustable to accommodate any playing technique. The main panel has been optimized to ensure that all controls are ergonomically positioned and intuitively located to make every performance feel smooth and natural. The new capacitive TouchView™ display hosts a redesigned graphical interface that is easier than ever to read even under the most demanding lighting environments thanks to the big bright and bold screen. Whether youre on stage or in the studio the entire screen can be tilted forward and back to provide the perfect angle for optimum viewing. The he multi-function Search feature can find what you are looking for quickly. Styles and Keyboard Sets can be read directly from a USB drive without the need to load data in the internal memory. Do It with Style The Pa4X is packed with over 500* highly-versatile Styles from around the world that you can play along with. Each Style is a fully realized musical environment dedicated to reproducing a specific genre created by KORGs international sound team. Many Styles have been brought up to date with new sounds enhanced effects and re-balanced mixing. Each Style features an assortment of Intros Variations Breaks Fill-Ins Endings even a count-in. Thanks to an all new built in SMF (Standard MIDI File to Style converter) you can quickly and easily have on board styles of the latest songs! Just obtain a new Standard MIDI File load it into the Pa4X and the inbuilt converter will easily and quickly turn it into a full KORG style which you can save and recall any time you need it. Every function band musician will love the combination of latest styles and incredible KORG sound! Studio Quality Effects KORG is known for studio-quality effects and the Pa4X includes the best of the KORG library with over 140 effect types including reverbs delays vintage stomp box simulations amp and cabinet simulators and more. 4 Insert and 3 Master effects can be used for the accompaniment tracks while 1 Insert and 2 Master effects can be used for the real-time keyboard tracks. In addition each track features an EQ with Low Mid and High controls and a custom track EQ can be memorized in the Song Play mode allowing your song to sound its best in any environment. You can also enjoy louder and clearer sound with the included Waves MAXX AUDIO™ that easily adapts to the sound of your musical taste or correcting a problematic live scenario. TC Helicon® Voice Processor Also featured on the Pa4X is the TC Helicon Voice Processor – ensuring that your vocals have the highest possible sound quality. up to 4 realistic harmony voices are available and all can be controlled using the keyboard or MIDI events. Available vocal effects include Double µMod Reverb Delay Filter HardTune Pitch Correction plus Compressor EQ Gate etc. Dedicated knobs (3) and buttons (3) for controlling the most important Voice Processor functions have been added to the top panel and placed within easy reach. Another KORG exclusive is the Adaptive Mic Setting that monitors the input signal and auto-adjusts parameters such as the Adaptive Gate EQ Compression and the De-Esser to make the vocals sound smooth and “studio produced”. All you need to do is plug your microphone into the balanced XLR connection (phantom power available) and let the Pa4X do the rest! Player/Sequencer KORGs XDS Dual Player & Recorder features a crossfade slider for providing non-stop entertainment; load one as the other plays then crossfade between them or create a playlist for automatic playback. Two different MP3 or MIDI files can be played simultaneously. MIDI files and even MP3 files can be transposed sped up or slowed down. There is also a Marker Function to allow direct jumps to a given position in the song or to create loops between song sections. For live karaoke applications the Vocal Remover quickly eliminates the vocal track from MP3 songs. Play back a song play the keyboard sing along – and everything will be recorded and saved as an MP3 file. You can then play that MP3 file again to add a further keyboard track or voice using the well known “sound on sound” technique. The Pa4X can record your entire performance! The SongBook The SongBook can save and access Styles MIDI files or MP3s and immediately recall settings such as the song title genre artist tempo volumes sounds muted tracks FX settings easy-edit parameters 4 keyboard sets 4 pads TC Helicon® presets master transpose and much much more. Every entry of the SongBook Music Database contains all the settings required to play a particular song particularly helpful for live use. Another KORG exclusive the SongBook also includes a renewed Set List function with a convenient panel-button association for fast recall – making life easier during live gigs. Easily view create and edit your KORG Pa-Series SongBook entries and Set Lists using a Windows based computer and the handy SongBook Editor. It can also be synchronized with iOS and Android tablets to become your handy external digital music sheet reader (third-party software required). Features 76 Semi-weighted keys with velocity sensitivity and aftertouch Elegant streamlined aluminum cabinet Huge 7-inch capacitive TouchView™ display with tilting system Easy-to-use panel layout and intuitive redesigned graphical interface New EDS-X (Enhanced Definition Synthesis-eXpanded) sound engine Improved realism and pristine sound quality Massive internal ROM with a renewed PCM database Plus up to 400 MB of user PCM data Over 1500 sounds including GM and XG sets 512 user Sound and 128 user Drumkit locations with full editing features Digital Drawbar Organ sound engine DNC (Defined Nuance Control) and realtime articulation: Three assignable switches Four-way joystick Ribbon controller Complete sample recording and editing features Import audio waveforms in the most common formats including Wav Aiff and SoundFont™ Over 500 factory Styles with Intros Endings Fills Count-ins and Breaks 4 Keyboard Sets and 4 Pads per Style 13 Internal user banks and 13 Direct user banks locations for unlimited storage Guitar Mode 2 provides more realistic guitar parts Chord Sequencer function in Style Play mode records any chord progression on-the-fly Chord Sequences can be saved in each Style and SongBook entry Search function for quickly locating any musical resource New standard MidiFile to Style converter feature Keyboard Set Library includes a collection of best ready to play sounds Keyboard Sets can be recalled even from Direct locations Multiple Effects processors – 142 effect types: 4 Insert and 3 Master effects for accompaniment parts 1 Insert and 2 Master effects for Keyboard Tracks Waves MAXXAUDIO Mastering Suite: MaxxEQ™ MaxxBass™ MaxxTreble™ MaxxStereo™ MaxxVolume™ TC Helicon® Vocal Processing: Four-part Harmonizer Double µMod Reverb Delay Filter HardTune Pitch Correction plus Compressor EQ Gate (Adaptive Mic Setting on the Mic input) Double MP3/MIDI file players with recording capability X-Fader and Vocal Remover Score Chords and Lyric display Compatible with most common lyrics formats including graphical (+G) for MP3 Lyrics can be showed in their original languages (except Oriental and Arabic Languages Enhanced compatibility for GM and XG songs. Fully programmable SongBook database based on Styles SMF Karaoke and MP3 Instant recall of any song setting User-definable Set Lists assignable to panel buttons Filtering and ordering options Multi-language extended character set. Internal hard drive Pa4X 76: Standard Pa4X 61: Optional MicroSD card slot (card not included) allows for mass storage and data protection Optional PaAS speaker bar?connects without wires or power supply Korg Keyboards-and-Pianos 1FBH

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Korg Pa4X 76 Arranger Keyboard with Free ABS Case and Headphones

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