Junior 5 Piece Drum Kit by Gear4music Laser Silver

Junior 5 Piece Drum Kit by Gear4music Laser Silver
Ideal for younger players who arent quite ready for a full size kit the Junior 5 Piece Drum Kit features everything junior drummers need to start playing straight out of the box; including a drum stool drumsticks and cymbals perfect for young rockers!

Easy To Unpack Set-Up & Play Packaged in one box the Junior 5 Piece is easy to unpack set-up and play. It includes everything you need in a complete beginners drum kit with three toms a snare drum bass drum cymbal stand hi-hat stand drum stool bass drum pedal pair of hi-hat cymbals crash cymbal a pair of sticks and a full set of drum heads. Younger Brother To The BDK-1 New and improved hardware for 2013 means that the Junior 5 Piece is effectively a younger brother to our BDK-1 with many similar features to this full size kit. The reduced scale of the Junior 5 Piece is much more comfortable for children aged 5 to 10; and will enable them to learn correct drumming techniques without having to overstretch and struggle. The toms are great for lively drum fills – and sturdy bass drum legs will support those early kick drum strikes. Beginner drum lessons involve plenty of snare drum exercises – and this kit has a fully adjustable snare with a clamp to make the basics as easy as possible. The hi-hat cymbals will help beginners with tempo and groove and you can be sure the free-standing crash cymbal will receive a fair amount of attention at the end of an energetic drum roll! Finished with striking black rims the Junior 5 Piece looks great – and is both easy and fun to play for younger children. Features/Specifications Snare Drum: 10″ Tom 1: 8″ Tom 2: 10″ Tom 3: 12″ Bass Drum: 16″ Cymbal: 12″ Hi Hats: 10″ Gear4music – a revolution in competitively priced high-quality musical instruments and equipment. Gear4music have teamed up with some of the best manufacturers from around the world to develop our own line of music equipment. Our goal is to provide our customers with a wide choice of high quality sensibly priced musical instruments. Using our many years of collective experience we have developed a wide range of instruments and equipment including drum kits acoustic and electric guitars woodwind brass string instruments and speaker systems. We are proud to offer these to our customers alongside hundreds of other well-known brands. Working closely with our carefully chosen manufacturers we endeavour to produce reliable great sounding instruments at a price that is accessible to all. Our musical equipment is made to the same exacting standards that you expect from other highly regarded brands – this is backed up by our standard 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. Gear4music products are produced ethically and responsibly to meet the expectations of a caring world. Gear4Music Drums-and-Percussion NZ7

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Junior 5 Piece Drum Kit by Gear4music Laser Silver

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