JBL Active Speaker Starter Set

JBL Active Speaker Starter Set
The JBL Active Speaker Starter Kit is the ideal add-on to JBL 3 series studio monitors. The kit bundles two studio monitor isolation pads with the Nano Patch Plus volume controller and four 3-meter male XLR-to-TRS cables. The kit makes it easy to connect a computer audio system to a pair of powered studio monitors providing a clean monitoring path and volume control for an efficient workflow.

NanoPatch Plus The JBL NanoPatch+ serves as the volume control between the output of the production system and a pair of studio monitors in a compact desktop form factor. The unit features balanced combo XLR/TRS and stereo mini TRS input connectors balanced TRS and stereo mini TRS outputs and an all-passive circuitry for a high-quality signal path. The top panel features a large comfortable volume control for precise level adjustments and a system mute switch. Isolation Pads Along with the NanoPatch passive volume attenuator this Starter Kit also includes 2 x Isolation Pads. The isolation pads are ideal for your monitors or home speakers ensuring that the speakers stay in the same place while minimising any audio dispersion. Isolation pads have been included in this bundle to ensure the maximum audio fidelity possible once combined with the NanoPatch the isolation pads bring a professional sound to your setup. XLR To TRS (3 Metres) As well as the NanoPatch and Isolation Pads this starter kit includes 4 x XLR To TRS (3m) Cables to connect your external inputs via the NanoPatch. These four 3 metre long XLR To TRS cables give you the ability to connect your external audio equipment via the inputs on the NanoPatch everything from speakers to condenser microphones. Features NanoPatch Plus 2x Isolation Pads: 170mm x 300mm x 40mm 4 x XLR to TRS cables 3m included Perfect package for studio monitor speakers JBL Recording-and-Computers 1GW6

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JBL Active Speaker Starter Set

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