IK Multimedia CSR Classik Studio Reverb – Nearly New

IK Multimedia CSR Classik Studio Reverb - Nearly New
A suite of four high-end studio-quality reverbs modeled after popular outboard classics. Now anyone can afford the quality sound of a signature reverb in their studio. This item was returned unwanted from a customer. The original boxing is scuffed. Otherwise the unit itself looks and operates as new and has only been used a couple of times. This is a great opportunity to buy a fully functioning product at a discounted price supplied with a one year warranty.

Suite of 4 separate reverb units: Plate Room Hall and Inverse State of the art DSP based reverb algorithms 2 operational modes: Easy and Advanced 6 easy to use controls in Easy Mode More than 100 Parameters in Advanced Mode Highly customizable 8×8 Modulation Matrix per unit 4 assignable Macros per unit Full automation through host sequencer One of the Most Complete Reverb Suites to Hit the Market Classik Studio Reverb offers in a single product a suite of 4 high-quality reverb plug-ins: PLATE ROOM HALL INVERSE All are designed to give the same sound of an acclaimed high-quality outboard reverb unit. With a myriad of options and parameters to choose from Classik Studio Reverb is truly a complete great sounding package that can adapt to any mix situation with ease. A Musicality that Rivals High-End Outboard Gear for a Sound that Sits Perfectly in Any Mix CSR offers high-quality musical reverb processing with the flexibility previously available only in extremely expensive signature hardware reverb units. It carries the quality and character that top engineers have utilized for years. CSR is designed to get the maximum musicality recreate the character that has made your favorite hit records and that classic sound that sits perfectly in any mix. Easy to Use with Advanced Editing Features CSR is Suitable for Any User from Beginner to Pro CSR has been designed for ease of use with advanced editing features. With the look and feel of a typical effects rack on the interface all the necessary controls are laid out for an immediate great sound. All knobs and macro controls can be automated through your hosts sequencer. From the beginner to professional engineer you wont have a problem getting your desired result from CSR. A Flexibility that Cannot be Found in Today s Popular Impulse Reverbs with Less Strain on Your CPU While impulse reverbs have gained a lot of popularity because of their particular emulation of environment reverberation they are inherently CPU-intensive. They typically lack the particular musical sound and editing possibilities that famous studio digital reverbs have always offered. CSR is not only less demanding in your processor but much more flexible than impulse-based technologies. Now you have the ability to manipulate and shape reverbs from a number of angles giving you performance that mirrors high-end studio quality. Depth and Complexity for the Professional Engineer In Advanced Mode you will find an array of highly developed modeling and shaping controls that are hard to find in any reverb. All parameters the Modulation Matrix and Macro Controls can be adjusted and changed to create the reverb effect that you need tailored to the very finest detail. The Modulation Matrix is an 8×8 structure; meaning that 8 modulation sources can manipulate 8 destinations. For example to apply an envelope to your reverb time you can fine-tune the tail for a specific reverb sound. Or use an LFO to modulate the reverb image creating movement in the acoustic space. NOTE: Classik Studio Reverb boxed version comes equipped with iKey Please Note The original packaging is scuffed otherwise the disc itself is new and unregistered. It was returned unwanted by a customer under our 14 day money back guarantee. This is a great opportunity to buy a fully functioning nearly new product at a discounted price supplied with a one year warranty. System Requirements Mac – 64 bit CPU 32 or 64 bit Mac OS Minimum: 1.5 GHz Intel Processor 1 GB RAM Mac OS X 10.6 or Later Supported Plug-in Formats: Audio Units VST RTAS AAX (32 and 64-bit) Note: On 64-bit Systems The Plug-in Also Works In 32-bit Compatibility Mode Windows – 32 & 64-bit Minimum: Intel Pentium 4 2.4 GHz or Intel Core Duo or AMD Athlon 64 1 GB RAM Windows XP / Windows Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 Supported Plug-in Formats: VST RTAS AAX (32 and 64-bit) Ik Multimedia Recording-and-Computers NA8

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IK Multimedia CSR Classik Studio Reverb – Nearly New