HK Audio Linear 5 L5 115FA 15 Active Speaker

HK Audio Linear 5 L5 115FA 15 Active Speaker
The HK Audio L515FA 15 Speaker is a 600W (2400W peak) active PA speaker cabinet featuring a 1 HF driver. The HF Driver is driven by the asymmetrical horn that has been incorporated to provide optimal coverage and minimal dispersion. This mid/high unit features an EQ switch with two settings (Full Power/Small Venue) which allows you to match the appropriate tone of the speaker to the size of room you will be using it in. This combined with the asymmetrical horn provides the perfect solution for filling up any room with minimal audio dispersion. With its exceptional bass response resulting in punchy bold low-end this active speaker is ideal for a range of live audio applications.

Maximum Efficiency The L5115FA has been designed for maximum efficiency with each component contributing to the overall power and articulated sound. The asymmetrical horn helps to provide optimal coverage in any room its placed in with minimal dispersion. This helps to cater to any space you put the speaker in helping to minimise any loss of coverage. Another great feature which helps with efficiency is the switchable EQ parameter which gives you two options; High Power and Small Venue. This EQ switch will match the speakers tone to the size of the room helping to reserve or pump out as much power as possible. Powerful Yet Portable These 15 active loudspeakers boast 600W (2400W peak) of power making them ideal for a range of live audio applications. The large power rating helps to produce the powerful and punchy sound needed to fill out larger venues whilst retaining the articulate rich tones of the original audio. The cabinet itself is also highly durable meaning it will easily withstand the wear and tear of live use and day-to-day transportation. The speakers are housed in a Birch Ply Hybrid cabinet with a 2mm metal grille with acoustic foam not only helping the acoustic harmonics but minimising any damage encountered from extended periods of use. Features Ideal for use as Mid/High unit Stand Alone System DJ-Monitoring 600 Watt (2400W Peak) 15 Speaker with 25 voice coil 1 Driver with 175 voice coil 139 dB Max SPL Peak @ 10 THD (halfspace) Asymmetrical horn (60 degrees-90 degrees x 55 degrees) rotatable Rugged hybrid (birch multiplex /MDF) housing EQ switch (Flat / Contour) Specifications Max SPL peak: 139 dB half space Max SPL: 130 dB half space Power-handling nominal (RMS): 600 Watt Power-handling peak: 2400 Watt Power-handling program: 1200 Watt Frequency response +/- 3 dB: 60 Hz – 18 kHz Frequency response -10 dB: 55 Hz – 20 kHz Nominal impedance: 8 Ohm Sensitivity 1W: 106 dB Connections: 2 x Speakon NL 4 Low/ Mid Speaker: 12″ with 2.5″ voice coil HF Driver: 1″ with 1.75″ voice coil Horn characteristics: 60°- 90° (asy) x 55° CD horn rotatable Equalizer: EQ switch Flat / Contour Crossover frequency: 1.7 kHz 12dB/Octave Pole mount: Duo Tilt 3/7 Rigging points: 3 x M8 Handles: 2 integrated Enclosure: Hybrid (birch multiplex / MDF) Grille: 2 mm metal grille backed with black acoustic foam Dimensions (WxHxD): 44.9 x 70.8 x 45 cm Weight: 30.1 kg / 66.4 lbs HK Audio PA-DJ-and-Lighting 1G6O

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