Focal CMS 65 Active Studio Monitor Speaker (Single)

Focal CMS 65 Active Studio Monitor Speaker (Single)
The Focal CMS 65 compact studio monitor is designed to combine performance and compactness. The acoustically-treated die-cast aluminium housing gives maximum rigidity and damping without the “ringing” effect frequently encountered on this type of cabinet. It is characterised by treble definition midrange transparency and adjustable control of the midbass and bass registers.

The CMS 65 is part of Focals compact CMS range with acoustically transparent Aluminium enclosures optimised for maximum rigidity and damping. The Polyglass cone developed by Focal themselves is designed for neutral sound with no colouration. The AI/Mg inverted dome tweeter portrays the width depth and accuracy of the soundstage. The CMS 65s woofer amplication unit with 100W rms/0.005% THD provides sound transparency and power in the mid/bass register whilst the Tweeter power unit with 60W rms/19V/ms slew rate reproduces the tiniest details of your audio. The monitor has numerous settings (Parametric filter high-pass filters bass level treble level…) for optimum acoustic integration. The midrange register of the CMS 65 has impressive neutrality and the Al-Mg inverted dome tweeter offers outstanding dynamics and a degree of definition in the treble that allows precise measurement of reverb and other effects which are normally very difficult to assess. The Focal CMS monitors have fixing points which are compatible with K&M® and Omnimount® fixing kits so you have numerous integration possibilities whther you want your monitors on a stand ceiling wall or other structure. Features 2 way bi-amplified near field professional monitoring systems Neutral dynamic and detailed sound for optimum reproduction Deep large and precise soundstage Numerous settings and fixing accessories for acoustic and aesthetic integration without compromise Acoustically treated aluminum box offering perfect sound transparency Compact systems combining easy installation and irreproachable sound quality Specifications System Frequency Response: (+/- 3dB) 45Hz – 28kHz Maximum SPL: 112dB SPL (peak @ 1m) Input Type/Impedance: Balanced 20 kOhms / Unbalanced 47 kOhm Connector: XLR / RCA LF Amplifier Stage: 100W rms class AB HF amplifier Stage: 60W rms class AB Power Supply Mains Voltage: 220-230V (1.6A fuse rating) 120V (3.15A fuse) 100V (4A fuse) Connection: IEC inlet and detachable power cord User Controls Sensitivity: Adjustable +4dBu / 0 / -10dBV Sound Level: Adjustable -66dB / 0dB High Pass Filter: Adjustable idle / 45 / 60 / 90Hz (12dB / oct.) Midrange/Bass Level: (0 – 450Hz) Adjustable 0 / -4 / -2 / +2dB Treble Level: (45 kHz – 20 kHz) Adjustable 0 / -4 / -2 / +2dB 160Hz Parametric Filter: (Q factor=2) Adjustable 0 / -2 / -4 / -6dB Power: Power ON / OFF switch mains voltage selector Standby: Standby / ON switch Indicators Power ON / OFF LED Standby and On LED Audio clip LED Transducers Woofer: 6.5″ (16.5cm) Focal Polyglass cone Tweeter: Aluminum-Magnesium Focal Inverted Dome Shielding: Complete by cancellation magnet Cabinet Construction: Reinforced and damped aluminum cabinet Finish: Black powdered paint Dimensions with rubber feet: (HxWLxD) – 141/8 x 91/2 x 91/8″ (358.5 x 241 x 231mm) Accessories 1 decoupling table stand 4 rubber feet 2 height adjustable spikes 1 phase optimization plug (tweeter) – It is recommended you remove all grilles and fit the phase plug 2 removable grilles (tweeter and woofer) Focal Recording-and-Computers ADS

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