Epiphone Pro-1 Acoustic Guitar for Beginners Wine Red

Epiphone Pro-1 Acoustic Guitar for Beginners Wine Red
The Epiphone Pro-1 Acoustic Guitar is the perfect custom designed solution to some of the biggest obstacles new guitar players face. Following extensive research and over 200 years of guitar building experience Epiphone have designed this ultra-affordable acoustic to make life as easy as possible for new players. If you ever wanted to learn guitar or you have a loved one who fancies themselves as the next Dylan the Pro-1 guitars is the only instrument you should consider!

Shorter Scale Length and Ultra-Light Strings The Pro-1 acoustic has been designed to make learning the guitar as easy as possible. A key feature is the shorter scale length. This offers two huge advantages – frets that are closer together and a slight reduction in string tension. Closer frets make it easier for new players or younger players to create the chord shapes and fret the instrument cleanly. Likewise a reduction in string tension requires less effort to cleanly fret the guitar. The Pro-1 features ultra-light strings which also reduces the amount of effort required to fret the guitar cleanly and produce a correct sound. Finger pain from tough strings is eliminated and likewise hand cramps will be reduced. Thinner Dreadnought Body with EZ String Bridge Many new or young players will struggle with the sheer size of a guitar. For the inexperienced beginner just sitting comfortably with the large instrument on your lap can become a major obstacle and thats before you try and reach your arms over the body of the guitar. Fortunately the Epiphone Pro-1 guitar combats this problem by offering a significantly thinner body. This enables any player to sit comfortably play confidently and spend more time focusing on their playing! The Pro-1 series also features an innovative EZ String bridge which doesnt feature bridge pins. This makes restringing the guitar super simple. Jumbo Frets – Nail Your Technique All Epiphone Pro-1 guitars feature jumbo frets to make life even easier for beginners. Why is this an advantage? Well aside from making general fretting easier jumbo frets also enable players to master key playing techniques such as bending hammer ons and pull offs. The larger fret size makes it easier for inexperienced players to make plenty of contact with the strings and learn these key fundamentals that will become an every day part of playing. Features & Specifications Body & Bridge Body Type: Thin Dreadnought Bracing: Custom PRO-prietary Bracing Bridge: Rosewood EZ String Bridge Back/Side Wood: Select Mahogany Top Wood: Select Spruce Pickguard: Black Scratchless Neck & Fretboard Fretboard Wood: Rosewood with PRO-Ease Lubricant Scale Length: 24.75 Nut Width: 1.68 Neck Profile: Mahogany EZ-Profile C Shape Inlays: Dots Number of Frets: 20 JumboPRO Hardware & Accessories Nut & Saddle: GraphTech Compensated NuBone Strings: Epiphone Ultra-Light 9-47s Number of Strings: 6 Hardware: Chrome Tuners: Epiphone Deluxe 18:1 Ratio Includes: Beginners Guide to Guitar eMedia Online Lessons Epiphone Guitar-and-Bass ZUM

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Epiphone Pro-1 Acoustic Guitar for Beginners Wine Red

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