Electro Acoustic 4/4 Violin + Amp Pack by Gear4Music

Electro Acoustic 4/4 Violin + Amp Pack by Gear4Music
This Electro Acoustic 4/4 Violin + Amp Pack equips you with every accessory the modern violin player requires perfect for the beginner looking for a live electric violin sound. Included are a 15 watt amp strings rest rosin stand and instructional DVD to get you started.

4/4 Electro Acoustic Violin by Gear4Music The built in preamp with full volume and tone controls means that by adding an amp or powered speaker to your setup you are ready to play a concert at much higher volumes. Added to this the inclusion of a hollow body allows you to play the violin without amplification making this instrument ideal for practice and traditional orchestral playing too. The violin is made from premium woods. Its dark subtle tones complement the fine grains visible on both top back and sides. The wood is set off beautifully by the double run of purfling that complete this visually stunning violin. The result of this care and attention to detail is a warm loud bright tone that is unmistakeable acoustically. As a result its sound through an amp has to be heard to be believed. This instrument is supplied with a factory set-up with a lowered bridge for safe transportation. 15W Acoustic Amp This 15 Watt Acoustic Instrument Amplifier by Gear4music features a 6.5″ speaker in a robust speaker cabinet with closed back construction for improved response and performance. The speaker is protected by an attractive metal grille completing a modern and purposeful look. Chunky plastic corner protectors are fitted along with an expanding plastic carry strap on the top of the unit. On the rear of the amp is a hinged panel stand also allowing the amp to be ideally positioned for directional listening. The control panel features rotary Master Volume Treble Middle and Bass controls to give you control over a wide variety of sounds. Connect your guitar via the 1/4″ jack input and for that all important silent practice the amplifier also includes a speaker-defeating headphones output jack. Included Accessories 4/4 Electro Acoustic Violin by Gear4Music 15W acoustic amplifier Jack cable Violin Shoulder Rest Rosin Music Stand Ultimate beginners Violin DVD Durable hard case Features/Specifications Body: Hand finished solid wood instrument Belly: Inlaid purflings on belly Pegs: Fitted maple pegs Pick-up: Piezzo pick-up encased in rubber foot on the bridge Preamp: Built in passive preamp Bow: Octagonal Pernambuco bow Preamp Specifications Features: Passive Frequency Response: 20Hz 20KHz Volume: A500KΩ Tone: B500KΩ Pickup: Piezo ceramic pickup 15W Amp: Output: 15 Watt / 6.5″ Speaker Front Panel Controls: Master Volume 3-Band EQ (Treble Middle Bass) Power Switch with LED Guitar Input: (1/4″ Jack) Headphones Output: (1/4″ Jack Speaker defeating) Dimensions: 294mm (W) x 300mm (H) x 110mm (D) Weight: 3.7 KG Gear4music – a revolution in competitively priced high-quality musical instruments and equipment. Gear4music have teamed up with some of the best manufacturers from around the world to develop our own line of music equipment. Our goal is to provide our customers with a wide choice of high quality sensibly priced musical instruments. Using our many years of collective experience we have developed a wide range of instruments and equipment including drum kits acoustic and electric guitars woodwind brass string instruments and speaker systems. We are proud to offer these to our customers alongside hundreds of other well-known brands. Working closely with our carefully chosen manufacturers we endeavour to produce reliable great sounding instruments at a price that is accessible to all. Our musical equipment is made to the same exacting standards that you expect from other highly regarded brands – this is backed up by our standard 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. Gear4music products are produced ethically and responsibly to meet the expectations of a caring world. Gear4Music Woodwind-Brass-Strings DAV

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Electro Acoustic 4/4 Violin + Amp Pack by Gear4Music

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