EKS XP5 DJ MIDI Controller

EKS XP5 DJ MIDI Controller
The EKS XP5 is a lightweight plug-and-play digital DJ controller / audio interface by EKS a Finnish audio company with a long history in high-end audio re-production. It is a portable solution for serious digital-age DJs looking for top-notch sound and professional-level features at an affordable price.

The EKS XP5 has an optimal layout for controlling external DJ software. With MIDI mapper the XP5 can be easily configured to work with your favourite DJ applications or accompanying EKS Bison DJ software. XP5 is also supported natively by an increasing number of major software developers. The XP5 provides a flexible approach to building a DJ setup. It allows the user to select a mixer of their preference but can also be configured to work as an all-in-one control device. The XP5 has an integrated high-quality USB soundcard/audio interface with audio RCA-output and so can be used either with an external soundcard or as a stand-alone deck. The EKS XP5 weighs less than 400 grams but is packed with all the features of bigger and heavier DJ equipment. With the size being no compromise for quality the XP5 guarantees a perfect performance every night. NI Traktor 3 LE Included!The EKS XP5 comes bundled with NIs TRAKTOR 3 LE DJ software. Based on the award-winning TRAKTOR 3 this smaller version of TRAKTOR offers two decks and an integrated 2-channel mixer. Auto-sync beat-accurate loops and a host of other forward-thinking features and effects will have you mixing liquid sets in no time! Intuitive LayoutThe layout of the EKS XP5 was made in close co-operation with professionals to meet the demanding needs of playing live. Vinyl EmulationXP5 features a 4 1/2″ high-precision wheel for pitch-bending cueing and scratching. The wheel can also be used for track selection and realtime adjustment of loop points. Pitch SliderThe 100 mm ALPS pitch slider with selectable pitch range (8 / 16 / 32%) makes pitch and tempo adjustments easy and accurate. Functions such as time-stretching or pitch-bending can be selected on the fly. User Definable ControlsAs part of the EKS “future-proofing” philosophy four custom buttons can be assigned to user-defined functions for example CD-style pitch-bending or jumping to cue points. Seamless LoopingCue and loop points can be created and recalled by a push of a button. Hi-Fi SoundcardEach XP5 contains a high-quality soundcard (USB audio interface) with Burr-Brown DACs and RCA connectors. CompatibilityChoose your favourite DJ application and plug-in the XP5. The EKS XP5 is supported natively by an increasing number of major audio software developers. And thanks to the MIDI / ASIO drivers and the easy-to-use MIDI mapper the XP5 can be configured to work with just about any audio application imaginable. DJ Software Included In addition to NI Traktor 3 LE the XP5 is also bundled with the EKS Bison DJ software. Every aspect of playing is accessible through the XP5 interface – no keyboard or mouse are required for your performance. EKS XP5 Specifications COMPATIBILITY MIDI/ASIO/Bison: Windows 2000/XP/Vista MIDI: Mac OS 10.4 or higher (Intel PowerPC) POWER REQUIREMENTS: None (USB-powered) POWER CONSUMPTION: 180mA Typical DIMENSIONS (W X D X H): 140mm x 210mm x 25mm WEIGHT: 370 g CONTROLS: 22 Low-Travel Buttons 4 1/2″ Touch Sensitive Wheel 100mm ALPS Pitch Slider CONNECTORS: USB 2.0 (Connecting to PC) RCA Audio Outputs (Stereo) FREQUENCY RESPONSE: 4 Hz – 24 kHz SIGNAL-TO-NOISE RATIO: 106 dB (EIAJ) INCLUDED IN PACKAGE: USB Cable Double RCA Audio Cable Quick Start Guide EKS PA-DJ-and-Lighting 8NS

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EKS XP5 DJ MIDI Controller

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