Dunlop Deluxe Headstock Tuner

Dunlop Deluxe Headstock Tuner
The Dunlop DT-C2 Deluxe is a reliable tuner for your guitar bass ukulele or violin. The excellent build quality and gripping clamp means youll be able to stay in tune from your bedroom to the stage. The DT-C2 is chromatic and can adjust its frequency from 430hz to 490hz. This gives the flexibility to pick up tunings from a 5 string bass low B all the way to the high strings of ukuleles and violins. The Deluxe model also has the option between a microphone and clip mode so you can pick up many more patterns and frequencies for a more convenient tuning. The four colour display provides clear readings even in low lighted venues. The DT-C2 also has a silent metronome so you can keep the beat.

Specififcations Display: Four-Colour Type: Clip-On Frequency Adjustment: 430-490Hz Metronome Type: Silent Tuning Modes: Microphone and Clip Jim Dunlop Guitar-and-Bass 1HAX

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