Dual Wireless Microphone System by Gear4music

Dual Wireless Microphone System by Gear4music
The Dual Wireless Microphone System by Gear4music consists of dual handheld VHF wireless microphones with a 50m range and a desktop receiver with separate or mixed output for each microphone supplied with power supply batteries and signal lead at a very competitive price.

Seperate Or Mixed Output For Each Microphone This Dual Wireless Microphone System by Gear4music proves you dont have to spend much to get a great vocal sound. Setting up is easy – just plug the unit in to your PA turn it on and sing! The output from the receiver can either come out as a mix of the two microphones or as separate channels making it a very versatile unit for use with all kinds of PA equipment. If the mix output is being used the levels can be set on the receiver so no matter what output you use you will always get the right balance between the two mics. A great quality wireless microphone system from Gear4music Press Reviews This pack was reviewed by Music Radar – a leading online publication for musicians. “Perfect if you fancy a karaoke duet but also a decent buy for a band on a budget that needs some extra BV firepower.””The mics were fine for vocals putting in a performance that belied their low price.””All the components are surprisingly well constructed for such an inexpensive system.” Specifications Transmitting Frequency: Microphone 1 – 175MHz Microphone 2 – 173.8MHz Frequency Deviation: ±18KHz Frequency Response: 80Hz 15KHz Frequency Steadiness: ±0.005 S/N Ratio: ≤70dB Total Harmonic Distortion: Gear4Music PA-DJ-and-Lighting IVN

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Dual Wireless Microphone System by Gear4music

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