Discontinued Novation V-Station VST Instrument

Discontinued Novation V-Station VST Instrument
Award-winning Novation synthesis technology in VST plugin format.

The new Novation V-Station virtual analogue synthesizer recreates the power and rich sound of the K-Station synth as a plug-in for Mac or PC platforms. At the core of the V-Station is Novations Liquid Analog synthesis engine delivering rich dense sounds that offer vast creative potential. The plug-in combines these with a clear and responsive front panel interface with all the key sound shaping controls a simple mouse click away. Any one of the 200 high quality factory presets can be recalled modified and saved instantly in one of 400 program locations. The patches that are named and not numbered cover a huge sonic range from searing leads and passionate pads to delicate electric pianos and phat funky bass. Analog Modelled oscillators Three powerful oscillators provide all the classic waveforms including a sine wave for intense sub-bass grooves. All waveforms feature Novation s “Double” facility providing twin waveforms with no loss of polyphony. Oscillators may be set to unison or sync d operation and can utilise FM for the generation of metallic or percussive timbres. A Noise Source is also included in the waveform engine. Liquid Analog Filters Novation coined the term Liquid Analog to describe its powerful filter engine which delivers unprecedented levels of fine fluid sound. Selectable low-pass 12dB or 24dB cut-off curves with resonance and overdrive make it easy to recreate anything from a distorted TB303 to a tightly rounded bass patch. Additional editing screens Three additional parameter editing screens are incorporated with the V-Station plug-in. For simplicity the additional parameters for the main sound creation blocks such as the oscillators and filter are on the first page with the wheels breath and aftertouch controls on the second page; the third page features global settings. Arpeggiate tweak and sync to the beat An arpeggiator with programmable speed synchronisation and sweep range is available within each instance and comprehensive synchronisation of time-based effects can be implemented with ease. For example the speed of an LFO may be set to modulate a delay effect every quarter note while another LFO (built in to the effects unit) can sweep the phaser every two bars. All parameters respond to MIDI controllers which can be recorded in real-time on a track on the selected sequencer enabling access to rich and complex sound patterns with a single key press or mouse click. All running arpeggiators and LFOs can be synchronised individually to MIDI clock in different time signatures. Integrated effects on each instance Novation s Supernova synthesizer set a new industry standard by enabling a complete set of powerful effects for each part on a multi-timbral synthesizer. The V-Station adopts this sound structure allowing six simultaneous effects per instance. On-board effects include a distortion unit that adds edge for harder sounds a synchronised stereo chorus or phaser for spatial effects and a reverb unit to add extra dimension and realism. A synchronised panner and a comprehensive delay engine are also incorporated. Multi-timbral parts Depending on the power of the PC or Mac used the V-Station delivers eight voices for each instance. With the ability to run multiple instances simultaneously the V Station can run as many multi-timbral parts as the power of the host computer will allow. Novation Recording-and-Computers 3Q2

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Discontinued Novation V-Station VST Instrument

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