DigiTech TRIO Band Creator Pedal

DigiTech TRIO Band Creator Pedal
The DigiTech TRIO Band Creator Pedal can turn a solo musician into an entire band with the press of a switch. This innovative stomp box is able to listen to your guitar playing and create bass and drum accompaniment to match with seven genres to choose from and up to 12 different song styles for each genre. Change the way you practice guitar at home with the DigiTech Trio thats as easy as plug-in-and-play!

DigiTech is introducing the TRIO Band Creator Pedal providing the ability to create a band that plays along with the user. The TRIO Band Creator Pedal listens to what is played and automatically generates bass and drum parts that match chord progressions and rhythmic feel. Users simply need to plug a guitar into TRIO press the footswitch to teach TRIO the chords and rhythm then press the footswitch again to start playing with a customized personal band. TRIO is like no pedal ever created – its an entirely new type of musical accompaniment device said Tom Cram Marketing Manager DigiTech. With TRIO one musician can now sound like a full band. Its an incredibly creative and useful performance tool for solo artists or just a great way to have fun while practicing and jamming. The DigiTech TRIO provides seven musical genres to choose from including Rock Pop Country Alternative Rock Blues R&B and Jazz. Up to 12 song styles are available for each genre and the player can select between 4/4 and 3/4 time signatures. TRIO can learn up to three different song parts – for example verse chorus and bridge – which can then be recalled on the fly as the song plays back. TRIO offers total control over the virtual bands performance. In addition to its Genre and Style selector knobs TRIOs Bass and Drums controls provide volume adjustment for both instruments and the Tempo knob locks in the groove. The Alt Time button selects an alternate half time or double time setting for each song part. TRIO even provides a selection of built-in effects for your guitar that vary according to the genre selected letting users play in a power trio jazz trio or other ensemble at the touch of a button. Digitech Guitar-and-Bass 16IO

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DigiTech TRIO Band Creator Pedal

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