Digitech DOD Looking Glass Overdrive Pedal

Digitech DOD Looking Glass Overdrive Pedal
The Digitech DOD Looking Glass is a versatile true bypass overdrive guitar pedal. The lightest effect gives your sound a transparency with the enough drive to be noticeable. As the drive is increased the Looking Glass delivers a more brutish sound with plenty of tonal opportunities thanks to the bass and treble controls. The discrete FET Class-A design gives a touch responsive feel that decays naturally. The Looking Glass is accessible for all guitars with its input filter that can tame overly bright instruments for a sound that?s driven but not uncomfortable. For those in need of an overdrive pedal that can do it all look no further than the Looking Glass.

Finding an overdrive pedal sound that suits the exact sound you’re emulating or creating can often be a hard task. The Digitech DOD Looking Glass overcomes this by having controls that cover an entire spectrum and history of driven tones. The bass cut and treble controls allow you to tighten your guitar’s tone or to let it loose for a less structured drive. The gain control determines how much you distort your sound varying from a light layer of compression to an aggressive raw punch emulating an amp at its brink. Whether if it’s modern vintage light or heavy overdrive you’re looking for the Looking Glass has it all. The Looking glass pedal has been made in collaboration with DOD and the boutique company SHOE Pedals. SHOE has been known to create pedals that can vary between classic sounds of the past all the way to the modern sounds that artists are using right now. The collaboration has lead to a pedal that has Digitech’s precise manufacturing and technological expertise with SHOE Pedals’ imagination and pursuit for a tone ideal for live studio or casual user.Features Circuit design by Christopher Venter of SHOE pedals Discrete FET Class-A design Dual gain stages selectable via a toggle switch Hybrid pre- and post-gain bass and treble controls Input Filter control tames overly-bright guitars Internap DIP switch reduces unwanted effects of overly-bright signals and buffers True bypass 9V power supply Durable road-worthy aluminium chassis Specifications Height: 2.25’’ (57 mm) Width: 2.63’’ (66.8 mm) Length: 4.68’’ (118.9 mm) Weight: 453 Grams Effect Type: Overdrive 1/4 Input: 1 1/4 Output: 1 Chassis: Metal Power Supply: 9V Alkaline Battery or Power Supply Digitech Guitar-and-Bass 1GVX

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Digitech DOD Looking Glass Overdrive Pedal

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