Buffet 400 Series Tenor Saxophone Matt

Buffet 400 Series Tenor Saxophone Matt
The Buffet Crampon 400 Series Tenor Saxophone offers the highest qualities achievable on a student instrument. With improved mechanisms on the lower pads of the instrument as well as a ribbed body construction this instrument gives a focused and toneful sound. Included with the saxophone is a hard wooden shell case along with a mouthpiece ligature and reed.

High Quality Design The Buffet 100 Series tenor Sax has a range of features that you would expect on a top end instrument. Superb for beginners and students this instrument is a delightful instrument to learn with. The saxophones consistent intonation as well as easy blowing and response makes this instrument a top class tool for learning music with. A wonderful centered tone gives all students a flavour of professional saxophone sounds. Construction Upgrades On the 400 Series instruments the mechanisms have been improved on the lower C B and Bb to create better stability on the lower register. This has been achieved by doubling the arms on the pads. The ribbed manufacture of the body concentrates the airflow of the instrument better creating a freer blowing instrument. The premium pads and metal resonators create a full bodied tone and better intonation. This combined with blue steel springs creates an easy action which is suitable for kids to beginners to learn on. This instrument is given a matt finish hand engraving on the bell and mother of pearl key buttons. Complete Package This tenor saxophone comes as a full package including a variety of accessories as well as just the instrument. There is a hard shell wood case included in the pack which makes transporting the instrument to schools rehearsals and concerts. Also included is a mouthpiece ligature and reed making the item playable straight out of the box. Features/Specifcations Body Material: Yellow Brass Number of Keys and Rings: 17 Keys 6 Rings Keywork: Metal Resonators Single Braced Springs: Blue Needle Springs Thumb Rest: Non-Adjustable Pads: Premium Material Included Accessories Case: Hard Wood Shell Case Mouthpiece and Ligature: Buffet Crampon Reed: Included Buffet Crampon Woodwind-Brass-Strings WPJ

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Buffet 400 Series Tenor Saxophone Matt

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