Boss WAZA 2×12 Cabinet

Boss WAZA 2x12 Cabinet
The Boss WAZA Amp Cabinet 412 is the perfect companion for the WAZA Amp Head kicking out the ultimate in high gain rock tone. These amps honour the original sound of the very first rock stack amps combined with the Boss engineers very own interpretation of the modern rock tone known as “Waza Brown Sound”. Offering expandability and reliability the Boss WAZA breaks new ground in the amp market.

A speaker is an indispensable and critical component for guitar amplifiers that provides a “voice” for your guitar. The speaker used with the early stack amp is one of the most highly regarded by top guitarists. In the process of developing the Waza Amp Boss engineers tested numerous speakers in combination with many components and configurations of amp circuitry and found no other speaker that is suitable to bring the ideal rock sound to life. Its transparent high end and vivid clarity have attracted many artists and engineers involved in the Waza Amp project. However the speaker has only 20 watts of power-handling capacity. In the quest of the perfect Waza Brown Sound the sound pressure was insufficient for the Boss engineers. With painstaking craftsmanship and accumulated expertise Boss gave birth to a speaker with the raw sound characteristics of the legendary rock speaker yet with 80 watts of power-handling capacity. The cabinet is also specially designed to maximise the potential of the Waza Brown Sound with rich full-face resonance and commanding sound presence. Features Specially designed cabinet for maximum compatibility with the Waza Amp Head Two custom-made 12-inch speakers with high power-handling capacity developed for the legendary early rock sound Selectable open/closed-back cabinet designed in combination with the custom-made speakers for a strong presence in the ensemble and full-face resonance Cabinet impedance: 16 ohms Boss Guitar-and-Bass 1GGR

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Boss WAZA 2×12 Cabinet

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