Boss VO-1 Vocoder Effect Pedal

Boss VO-1 Vocoder Effect Pedal
The Boss VO-1 Vocoder Pedal is a unique and innovative stompbox that puts the expressive range of the human voice into the hands of every guitarist and bassist. By vocalising into a connected microphone as you play the VO-1 transforms your tone with electronic voices classic talk box sounds and all-new colours that are perfect for modern music styles. The Boss VO-1 takes your playing and your performances to places you never dreamed of before.

Powerful Vocal Expression Without a doubt the human voice is the most expressive instrument there is capable of producing a massive range of sounds. With Vocoder technology you can now harness this power and control the tone of your voice in endless ways via real-time vocal manipulation – achieving speech-like sounds infinitely controllable wah and much more. For decades keyboardists have used vocoders to create electronic vocal tones and other voice-like textures with synths. Now the VO-1 makes it simple for guitarists and bassists to use this inspiring tool with their music. Innovative Vocoder Technology Driven by Boss famous guitar synth technology the VO-1 delivers power and versatility that goes well beyond other vocoders. Vintage mode produces the familiar synth voices heard on numerous pop and electronic music records through the years while Advanced mode utilises new Boss technology to translate speech and other vocalisations with unprecedented definition and clarity. Talk Box mode recreates classic talking lead guitar tones without having to use a traditional talk box rig and mouth tube. Finally Choir mode produces rich impressive vocal textures from a direct input with no mic needed. Infinite Possibilities Made Easy The VO-1 has been designed to be as user-friendly and straightforward as possible. First connect it to your rig like any other pedal – the only additional connection needed is a microphone which is used to drive the VO-1s vocoder engine when using the first three modes. After that just turn on the effect tweak the knobs and vocalise into the mic as you play. The Boss VO-1 is complete with an effect loops for patching in external effects plus a Blend Knob for mixing vocoder and straight tones together. Features Innovative easy-to-use Vocoder pedal powered by Boss famous guitar synth technology Use your voice to dramatically extend the expressive range of your instruments in countless ways Vintage mode for classic electronic synth-voice sounds and Advanced mode for all-new Vocoder tones with enhanced clarity Talk Box mode enables talking lead guitar tones without the hassle of a traditional talk box setup Choir mode delivers rich vocal sounds with no mic connected Effect loop for sound enhancement and easy integration with existing pedals Works with guitar bass or any instrument with a 1/4 output Boss five year warranty Boss Guitar-and-Bass 1GGM

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