Boss RC-505 Loop Station

Boss RC-505 Loop Station
A powerful tabletop looper for beatboxers singers and instrumentalists the RC505 Loop Station is perfect for performers who need total control at their fingertips. The RC-505 Loop Station fits right into a busy DJ or club environment as well as being ideal for stage and street performances. As the latest edition to the Loop Station range of products the RC505 is packed full of features you need such as 5 stereo tracks built in effects and USB connectivity.Please call our Roland Specialist on 0843 155 0500 for further information.

Get real hands-on control of your performance with the Boss RC-505. Dedicated buttons on each of the 5 stereo phrase tracks provide a wide range of dynamic real-time processing options. Just plug in a mic instrument smart phone or any other audio source to get started. 5 Stereo Tracks The RC-505 can play back 5 stereo tracks at once making your performance easier to plan build and control. Each track has its own buttons to record overdub play and stop giving you precise control of your performance without having to worry about hitting the wrong pedal with your foot. Each track also has its own volume fader while the rhythm part can be sent via the headphones giving you a dedicated click track for monitoring and helping you keep time perfectly. Playback mode and tempo sync settings provide even more flexibility in real-time. Powerful onboard effects Effective performance loopers are built around effects and the RC-505 is no exception. The Loop Station splits its effects into two main types Track FX and Input FX. Input FX such as Robot and Vocoder add unique textures when recording loops with Track FX including Vinyl Flick and Beat Repeat to provide dynamic DJ and sampler effects for real-time phrase playback processing. Six dedicated buttons can be loaded with your favourite effects giving you one-touch access while looping. Tweak the effects in real-time with the Input FX and Track FX knobs. Four simultaneous audio inputs plus USB The RC-505 has 4 inputs letting you capture and mix a variety of different audio sources as you build your loops. Theres an XLR microphone jack with phantom power mono/stereo instrument inputs and an AUX mini-jack to connect a music player or smartphone. Plug into your computer via USB to import and export WAV audio phrases. Get personal Mold the RC-505 to suit your performance style customising the real-time controls to suit the way you like to loop. Eight control assignments are handily stored with phrase memories allowing you to create and recall custom setups for different songs and performing situations. When you power up for your gig you need to be sure that everything sounds just as good as it did in rehearsals. The RC-505 Loop Stations 99 phrase memories provide onboard storage for phrase track data and their various playback and effects settings. Easily load a User Set even in the heat of performing. Features and Specifications Phrase Tracks: Five simultaneous stereo phrase tracks Controls: Dedicated controls independent volume faders FX: Wide range of Input and Track FX for processing loops including DJ and sampler-style effects Phrase Memories: 99 each with 5 phrase tracks custom effects playback settings and more Rhythm Patterns: 85 onboard rhythm patterns including odd-measure beats External control: MIDI optional footswitch and expression pedal USB: Phrase import/export with computers USB audio/MIDI functionality for integration with DAW software Input: XLR mic input with phantom power mono/stereo instrument inputs stereo aux input Boss PA-DJ-and-Lighting QOO

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