Boss BC-1X Multi-Band Bass Compressor

Boss BC-1X Multi-Band Bass Compressor
The Boss BC-1X Multi-Band Bass Compressor performs far beyond the capabilities of conventional bass compressor pedals. This premium stompbox features professional multi-band compression controlled by intelligent circuitary making it quick and easy to dial in natural sounds that suit any playing style. Designed to apply the perfect amount of compression the BC-1X has the ability to respond to different dynamics and registers – ensuring your tone never gets over-squeezed or muddy. Transparent powerful and easy to use the BC-1X is a must-have stompbox that delivers studio-quality punch and precision.

Endless Tonal Possibilities with Simple Controls Hidden behind the pedals simple four-knob interface is a complex multiband processor with numerous interlocking parameters – as you turn the knobs multiple parameters are adjusted simultaneously. This innovative design allows a wide range of tone shaping possible with minimal effort and thanks to the intelligent technology inside youll always achieve perfect sounds at every setting – from subtle dynamic control to extreme compression. Precision and Natural Sound Compression is an indispensible tool for todays discerning bass players and while there are many bass compressor pedals available the BC-1X stands alone as a completely unique product. Unlike conventional units that compress the fundamental tone and muffles the sound the advanced BOSS MDP tech in the BC-1X provides perfectly natural compression that never overwhelms the character of your instrument. Every nuance is captured and processed accurately even with aggressive compressor settings. In every register your sound is true allowing you to put your heart into playing without fussing with different settings for every song or style. Professional Features for Performing Players The BC-1X was designed and engineered with professional practicality in mind. The 18-volt input circuitry provide ample headroom without clipping even with the hottest signal from active basses. A 16-segment gain reduction indicators clearly displays the amount of compression at all times – a high-end feature rarely seen in stompbox compressors. Complete with the road-proven BOSS compact chassis the BC-1X guarantees reliability for years of demanding professional use. Features Intelligent circuitry adapts to every register and playing nuance Natural compression that preserves the fundamental bass tone Interactive internal processing enables you to dial in sophisticated multiband compressor settings with simple stompbox controls Professional 18-volt input electronics provide ample headroom for any bass Clean and punchy sound with no distortion High-resolution gain reduction indicator Digital circuitry greatly reduces noise Includes a Boss five-year warranty Boss Guitar-and-Bass 1GFR

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