Besson Sovereign BE950 Eb Tenor Horn Silver Plate

Besson Sovereign BE950 Eb Tenor Horn Silver Plate
The Besson Sovereign BE950-2-0 Tenor Horn boasts one of the most innovative horn designs for generations making it one of the most highly regarded professional level tenor horns used within the brass band world today. It is supplied with a Yellow Brass bell which helps provide a mellow tonal quality with plenty of focus. The quality of this instrument is guaranteed through the use of the finest raw materials strict manufacturing conditions and extensive expertise.

Besson: The Reference for Brass Bands. Besson has long been the name most associated with the brass band community constantly developing instruments which will rise to any occasion. Bessons commitment to research and development is demonstrated through the constant improvement of their existing models to cope with the ever-changing demands and styles of the modern day composer and performer. Yellow Brass Bell The Yellow Brass bell contains a higher ratio of zinc to copper within the brass alloy which gives the tenor horn with a mellow yet focused sound. The rim of the bell is rolled and soldered over selected brass wire to provide strength and protection to the end of the bell. Specifications Key: Eb Finish: Silver Plate Bore: 0.466″ (11.84mm) Bell: Hand-made Yellow Brass Bell Bell Diameter: 8.00″ (203mm) Weight:4lb 6oz (1980g) 3 Monel Valves with top sprung action 2 Water keys Supplied as a full outfit with an Alliance mouthpiece and Besson Sovereign Case Besson Woodwind-Brass-Strings 1CR9

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Besson Sovereign BE950 Eb Tenor Horn Silver Plate -

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