Behringer GTX60 60 Watt Tube Modelling Amp with FX

Behringer GTX60 60 Watt Tube Modelling Amp with FX
A powerful 60-Watt 2-channel guitar amplifier with authentic tube modeling featuring a digital FX processor with reverb chorus flanger and delay.

The secret behind the GTXs incredible sound is our VTC Tube Modeling processor which exudes the very essence of tube saturation and compression. But VTC does so much more than just generate a cheap copy of a specific amp character. Team all this tone up with built-in digital FX and 60 Watts and youve got an extremely versatile little powerhouse of an amp. Because an in-tune guitar sounds so much better than the alternative and standalone tuners often mysteriously vanish (or have dead batteries) we built a terrific chromatic tuner right into each GTX amp. Just plug in hit the dedicated Tuner button and follow the blinking LEDs to pitch-perfection. GTX Series amps have split personalities: one that features dulcet-clean output and one that drives your tone with an aggressive punch that only tubes or our VTC modeling can generate. So when the time comes youll be ready for everything from mellow blues to metal mayhem. The CLEAN channel is elegant in its simplicity. The sound is open and uncolored and can be tailored to your needs by VOLUME and the analog passive equalizer. The OVERDRIVE channel features GAIN VOLUME BASS TREBLE and our proprietary CONTOUR control with its radical midrange sweep. All this versatility enables you to artfully define your perfect tone from traditional to scooped- modern and anything in-between. Features/Specifications: Integrated chromatic tuner with auto-mute function Original heavy-duty 12″ BUGERA vintage guitar speaker for classic sound reproduction 2 full-featured channels offering everything you need from clean to super-fat distortion sounds Independent Bass and Treble tone controls on each channel for awesome sound shaping Contour control for radical mid-range sweep – from traditional to scooped modern Additional Headphone and Line output with integrated speaker simulation Dedicated CD input for playback of line-level signals (e.g. CD player drum machine) FX loop for external effects devices (rack effects stomp boxes wah-wah pedals etc.) External Speaker Output for more flexibility Dual footswitch for Channel selection and FX bypass included High-quality components and exceptionally rugged construction ensure long life Conceived and designed by BEHRINGER Germany Behringer Guitar-and-Bass KYA

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Behringer GTX60 60 Watt Tube Modelling Amp with FX -

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