Arturia V-Collection 4 Virtual Instrument Collection

Arturia V-Collection 4 Virtual Instrument Collection
V-Collection 4 is a reference software collection of keyboards and drum machines. It introduces two new instrument recreations – Matrix 12 and Solina-V that are based on the Oberheim Matrix 12 (aka Xpander) and ARP Solina string synthesizer plus two existing instruments – Vox Continental V and Spark 2. In total V-Collection 4 contains 13 software instruments over 6000 editable keyboard sounds and 170 drum machines. Theres a new protection and registration system called the Arturia Software center which makes setup updates and install easy and convenient.

V Collection 4 The V Collection 4 includes 12 Arturia multi-awarded software keyboards: Mini V Modular V CS-80V ARP-2600 V Prophet V Prophet VS Jupiter 8-V Oberheim SEM V Wurlitzer V Vox Continental V Salina V Oberheim Matrix 12 V This premium suite also includes the full Spark 2.0 unique program designed for performance and sound featuring over 170 drum machines and over 5500 patterns ranging from Hip-Hop to many of the latest EDM genres. In addition it features the Analog Lab software which is an entry point for musicians into the V Collection 4 with 6000 sounds from the V Collection keyboard instruments. Instruments in the V Collection 4 are easy to control with an external MIDI keyboard in just a few clicks and they work with any Digital Audio Workstation on PC and Mac. Solina V The Solina String Ensemble is often thought of as the String Machine of the late 1970s disco era containing Violin Viola Trumpet Horn Cello and Contra-Bass sounds. Solina V faithfully reproduces the classic Arp/Eminent Solino string ensemble to generate those warm and fuzzy string sounds. It includes Vox Humana and Resonators modeled from the Polymoog™ with creative new features – 24dB filter on Bass Section Polyphony Arpeggiator LFO and powerful effects – Chorus phaser delay convolution and reverb plus 150 presets created by some of the best sound designers. Matrix-12 V The Oberheim Matrix 12 is a legendary analog synth from the mid-eighties known as a pad monster that makes great leads moving chords using the voice tunings and amazing sound effects. All the original parameters of the Oberheim Matrix-12 synth are present: Two oscillators each offering triangle sawtooth and variable-width pulse wave with PWM Oscillator 2 also offers a white noise generator Linear FM that can be routed to VCO1 or Cutoff of Filter Single filter with 15 modes 4 Low poss 3 High Pass 2 Bond Pass modes Notch Phase Shift plus four additional “combo” filter modes Ultra powerful modulot on matrix with 27 sources and 47 destinations Sources include 5 envelops 5 LFOs 4 Rcmp 3 Track generators Velocity Pressure Keyboard follow 12 voices of polyphony Multi page for creating huge layers and splits Arturia Software Center The Arturia Software Center is designed to make access to Arturias instruments more user friendly. It will be automatically installed on any machine running an Arturia software instrument and will allows you to activate download try demos and update: all from one place. The ASC connects to your MyArturia account and lets you activate a product on up to 5 computers. An offline activation option is also available and no USB dongle is required. Arturia Recording-and-Computers 15CL

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