ART PB4X4 Power Distribution Unit

ART PB4X4 Power Distribution Unit
The ART PB4X4 is a robust and usefull power distribution unit which can be mounted on a rack with a single 1U slot and provide IEC (kettle lead) power to up to 8 different units. With a maximum power capacity of 1800 watts and surge and spike circuit protection the PB4X4 is a fantastic addition to any studio or live outboard rack.

4 x 4 IEC Power Connections Located to the rear of the unit is the 4×4 power distribution connections which allow up to eight IEC (Kettle Lead) connections perfect for powering rack effects and other live or studio gear. With four of the eight rear outputs at 1.25 inches apart the PB4X4 allows the user to plug in wide power cables and multiple wall wart devices. Surge/Spike Protection & 15 Amp Circuit Breaker Built into the PB4X4 is a Surge and Spike Protection System which is designed to protect powered equipment from harmful electric surges and spikes. The unit also has RFI and EMI filtering and a 15 amp circuit breaker (total power capacity of 1800 watts) to avoid power overload and ensure safe operation day after day. Robust Chassis & Versatile Applications The rugged all-steel chassis occupies 1U rack spaces and is intended for installation into standard 19″ equipment racks. Applications for the PB4X4 include Live Sound Systems/PA Permanent or Fixed Installations Church Club and Practice PA Systems DJ Sound Systems Home and Project Recording Systems and Monitor Systems. Specifications Power Outlets: 8 x IEC Power Outputs (Kettle) Power Capacity: 1800 Watts Power Switch: 2-Way On/Off (Front Mounted) Power Switch Illumination: Yes Circuit Breaker: 15 Amp (Front Location) Filtering: EMI & RFI Protection Circuit: Surge & Spike Protection Construction: Steel Chassis Rack Size: 1U ART Recording-and-Computers EAM

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