Alesis SamplePad 4

Alesis SamplePad 4
The Alesis SamplePad 4 is a compact easy to use percussion and sample unit. The SamplePad features four separate pads that each act as a trigger for an array of percussive traditional and modern kits. The USB and SD slots allow your own samples to be installed to the kit making the possibilities limitless. For any drummer who is looking for an extension to their kit or simply an easy and affordable way to access their sounds the Alesis SamplePad 4 is an ideal choice.

A big concern for drummers at live events is that they won’t be able to easily see each individual drum pad. Alesis have solved this problem with the SamplePad 4s blue LED borders around each pad. Two of the pads are raised to make it easy to strike with your stick and quick to navigate around the kit. This makes each element easy to see and use so you can have confidence in keeping the beat. The SamplePad 4 is ready for any sound you want to use. The hard drive features 25 common practical percussion and electronic sounds that are with you from the start. The digital screen and navigation buttons make it easy to scroll and pick kits meaning you can do it between songs without causing a delay. If you want to add more sounds from your Mac or PC the USB and SD slots allow you to add up to 512 samples from a 32GB card. This function puts a whole world of creativity right in front of you. The tuner and reverb options allow you to further tailor each sample straight from the kit. Features 4 rubber pads for percussive and sampling Pre-installed library of 25 popular percussive and electronic drum sounds Add up to 512 of your own samples and 91 user kits with the SD/SDHC card slot of up to 32GB. Drag and drop samples from you Mac/PC with the USB port without removing the SD card Dual trigger input available for expanding your kit Tune and add reverb to your sounds Specifications Weight: 1.2KG Height: 6.4cm Width: 26cm Depth: 19.1cm Power: 9V DC 500mA Centre-Positive Inputs/Outputs USB/MIDI Input/Output Mono?Stereo 1/4’’ Output 1/4’’ Headphone Output Trigger In Pad Feedback: Blue LED Pad Backlighting Playback Modes: Polyphonic Monophonic Loop Stop/Choke SD Card Specs: Supports SD/SDHC Cards up to 32 GB with A FAT32 File System SD Card Capability: 91 User Kits and 512 Samples Per Card On-Board Samples: 25 Sound and 8 Preset Kits Supported File Type: 16-bit Mono or Stereo .WAV Files with A Sample Rate of 48K 44.1K 32K 22.05K or 11.025K Alesis Drums-and-Percussion 1F53

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