AKG WMS470 Instrument Set Band 9U Wireless System

AKG WMS470 Instrument Set Band 9U Wireless System
The AKG WMS470 Instrument Band 9U is a wireless system for use with a variety of instruments leaving your hands free. With upto 48 channels the AKG WMS470 Instrument Band 9U is a compact system perfect for onstage applications.

The SR 470 lets you operate up to sixteen channels simultaneously within the same frequency band and set up absolutely reliable systems with as many as 48 channels by using multiple frequency bands. The back-lit display changes colour to warn the user of critical operating conditions such as transmitter battery running low audio peaks or low RF signal strength. The PT 470 is an extremely compact bodypack transmitter perfect for high-end installed systems and onstage applications. It has a sturdy case and the professional mini XLR input provides a convenient interface for either an instrument or any compatible microphone. A dedicated jack allows you to connect an optional external mute switch enabling the user to mute the audio signal even if the transmitter is difficult to reach. The C 544 L is a head-worn miniature condenser microphone with a convenient behind-the-neck headband. The microphone has a cardioid polar pattern and therefore “prefers” sounds arriving from the front (from the users mouth). Includes: SR 470 receiver PT 470 bodypack transmitter C 544 L headworn microphone 1 belt clip 1 AA size battery 2 antennas 1 rack mounting kit Power supply Specifications Application: Broadcast Theatre Guitar Power Source: Battery Wired/Wireless: Wireless System Type: UHF AKG PA-DJ-and-Lighting TKD

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AKG WMS470 Instrument Set Band 9U Wireless System

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