Adam S4X-H Active Midfield Studio Monitor Single

Adam S4X-H Active Midfield Studio Monitor Single
The Adam S4X-H Studio Monitor features Adams proprietary X-ART tweeter combined with two 9 woofers a 6 midrange driver three PWM amplifiers and an A/B amplifier. Perfectly designed for medium-sized and larger studios with longer listening distances whilst still providing well-balanced and supremely detailed sound; the S4X-H monitors deliver an impressive maximum SPL of 128dB per pair and come equipped with extensive controls that include tweeter gain and high/low shelf EQ.

S4X-H Studio Monitor The S4X-H is capable of producing more power and volume along with a more detailed and homogeneous sound that will impress even the most experienced sound engineer. Whether the complex sonic images of an orchestra or the smooth tone of a jazz trio the S4X-H reveals even the finest nuances of any material. The driver assembly of the S4X-H allows long non-fatiguing listening sessions. Powerful Amplifiers and HexaCone Woofers The high-performance PWM amplifiers drive the woofers and midrange in all SX series monitors while a specially developed low-noise 50W amplifier with a flat frequency response up to 300kHz drives the X-ART tweeter. The cones in SX monitors are made from HexaCone an aramid-plastic core with honeycomb structured coated with Kevlar on both sides. This construction ensures maximum strength whilst remaining lightweight this results in a superior dynamic response with self-resonances of the diaphragm eliminated from the audible range. By combining HexaCone woofers with an X-ART tweeter and PWM amplifiers these monitors deliver an outstanding dynamic performance and high sound pressure levels with sonic benefits in the treble range. Extensive Controls The front panel features several controls that are perfect for adapting your monitor setup for any application. The input sensitivity can be adjusted by two controls one changes the coarse settings (-20dB to +8dB) while the second can be used for fine tuning in 0.5dB steps ranging from -1.5dB to +2.0dB. Both the high and low shelf fitlers provide the ability to raise or lower ±4dB progressively within their frequency band. The front panel is also equipped with tweeter gain controls and two LEDs that indicate clipping status. Specifications Frequency Response: 28Hz – 50kHz Maximum SPL @ 1m: >128dB Crossover Frequency: 280Hz / 2800Hz Woofer Size: 9 / 228mm Woofer Voice Coil: 2 / 50mm Midrange Size: 6 / 156mm Midrange Voice Coil: 1.5 / 37mm Midrange & Woofer Cone Material: HexaCone Tweeter Type: X-ART Tweeter Diaphragm: 4² / 2420mm² Woofer Amplifier: 2 x PWM Power RMS / Music: 2 x 250W / 350W Mid-Range Amplifier: PWM Power RMS / Music: 250W / 350W Tweeter Amplifier: A/B Power RMS / Music: 50W / 100W High Shelf EQ >6 kHz: ± 4dB (1dB Steps) Low Shelf EQ < 150 kHz: ± 4dB (1dB Steps) EQ 80Hz: 0 to +6dB (1dB Steps) Tweeter Gain: ± 2dB (0.5dB Steps) Input Sensitivity (Coarse): -20dB - +8dB (4dB Steps) Input Sensitivity (Fine): -1.5dB - +2dB (0.5dB Steps) Input Connectors: XLR Input Impedance: 10 KOhm Magnetically Shielded: No Dimensions (H x W x D): 14 x 27.5 x 17.5 / 360mm x 700mm x 450mm Weight: 32.2kg / 71lb Adam Recording-and-Computers AST

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